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Playing with my Camera

So with the family crazy and being sick I haven't really made time to play with my camera and figure out how to manually adjust the settings. I think I had a bit more luck today.

Since I'm pulling these all from Facebook they're going to be kind of huge... I hate it when that happens. If I had of uploaded them once at a time they would have appeared differently on my timeline and they would appear smaller in here. The way they're currently grouped the pictures would be too small to see anything. I also don't have the patience to fiddle with Tumblr.

Here we go!

For these shots of Mynx it is night time (about 10:45pm) and I don't have a lot of lights in my apartment. I found out recently that my camera does actually tell me if I have good exposure. I dialed down the shutter speed and aperture and cranked the ISO. With the slower shutter speed I knew I'd have to try and hold the camera as steady as possible to avoid blur. One of my shots was kind of blurry so I trashed it. With the first I think I ended up focusing on her sweater and with the low aperture setting I think her face ended up being a little out of focus, either that or it's slight motion blur. The last two I really like, even the death glare!

The next few are also from earlier in the day when I probably had the most light coming in through my balcony door. I let Squee out to run around and Mynx was chasing her. Squee found her way into Mynx's cat bed, which is funny because now all of my sister's cats and my guinea pig have climbed in that bed and seem to enjoy it more than Mynx!!! I think, for the most part, I left ISO in auto mode so I was only adjusting aperture and shutter speed. The second shot is Mynx looking at Squee while she's under the couch. The couch is the only place Squee can go where Mynx can't get her. Since most of the important cables for my devices are between the TV stand and the computer desk I don't have to worry too much about Squee eating anything important! I think that shot had a fairly low aperture and I was using a fairly high shutter speed since I couldn't predict how quickly these clowns would move about.

I think this one is adorable. Squee is hiding just behind the ottoman, watching out for Mynx. It's like she's giving a little piggy laugh!

I think this one is great, but I can tell my aperture setting is too low since the camera is focusing more on her back end, making her head seem out of focus.

This last one is just Mynx's close-up / glamour shot! I think I had taken ISO out of auto for this.

Anyways, that's all I've got that I'm willing to show. I have a lot of practicing to do. I'm starting to connect the dots with ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Playing around with those is going to be interesting. Aperture seems like one of those you could almost be thinking about first because you have to consider how much is going to appear in focus in the shot. I'd think with landscape and architecture type shots you'd want a high aperture setting, whereas something most close up and personal would have a lower aperture. I guess it all depends on what is going to be in focus... so much to ponder.

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Mynx definitely makes a nice subject for photos. She seems to be perfectly at easy with being photographed, although giving you "that Royal Mynx look" at the same time. Awesome eyes.

I still have to play with manual setting too. Maybe one day when I buy a decent Canon. But yes, for landscapes I can see how aperture settings would make a great difference, and also help with creativity. I'd have wanted to play with the shutter speed as well for action shots, like motor car races or anything moving. A friend of mine was pretty creative during one Xmas with photographing pedestrians walking through a main thorough fare in between shops. Like almost wall to wall pedestrians all advancing on the camera.
deanhills on Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:53 am

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