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The Quick Update

Okay. So I have my apartment to myself again! Mynx and are I thrilled!

My sister found a great 1 bedroom apartment and I helped her shuffle her stuff over there. She took my brother with him (I think I've mentioned some of this). In the past couple days she got her bed and dresser and computer and desk. She brought a couple chairs in with her (the twin of the pink one I have except its blue and her rocking chair). She brought other stuff in with her but I don't know what.

As for me and my cold, well I think it was a cross with a flu. Friday I called in sick (well emailed... no one seems to call in our department). All my joints felt like I'd sprained them and I think I had a fever because I was giving off a great deal of heat. I only think this because while I was wrapped in my heavy duvet for a couple hours I'd sit up and feel the bed and it was pretty damn warm! I also think I had a fever or something because I had a hard time maintain a comfortable temperature in my apartment (hard to explain). I'd either be too hot or too cold or clammy (cold and/or hot). Also, I lot my appetite for a couple days (Thursday I think was when that started and it didn't come back until today, which my body temperature also seemed to normalize today as well). I also have crap in my lungs. Ever since grade 9 or 10 when I caught a pretty bad cold that moved to my lungs I'd leap frog through the years and when I would get my cold for the winter I'd have crap in my lungs. So probably since later Friday I've been coughing up stuff. I can hear and feel the rattle when I breath too!

What else?

I have Monday off since I'm starting the early shifts. That'll be me an extra day to try and clear things up. It'll also give me a chance to get some groceries (I hope it isn't too cold out!). Temperatures have been brutal this week! We're talking -15 degrees C or lower!

Oh yea, since my brother and sister are gone and I have my space again I don't have that urge to move! My apartment looks like the perfect size for me once again and I'm not as concerned about the layout of the unit. What I have going right now seems to work well. If I end up having a Christmas dinner here then I think I can pull my table out and bring in the other 2 chairs I have and people can all sit down to eat there.... Although it's still a small table to have 4 plates at! Don't forget glasses of whatever beverage they happen to be drinking.

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Happens to me too. I'm quite content with my space until it has been invaded and I get to look through other eyes at it. Then once I'm relaxed again, it sort of settles on me again.
deanhills on Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:00 pm
I am always happy when company leaves me to my space once again. Sounds like your cold/flu is starting to go away.
standready on Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:25 am
I shuffled a couple of stuff around again, including my bedroom. It feels nice to have this space again. I kind of get this self inflicted twitch as I'm prone to leaving stuff in places. What I mean is, I'll come home and drop stuff as I come in so coats and sweats and stuff build up at my table. Dishes will also collected (mostly mugs from tea and coffee). Clutter builds and I get a twitch and I end up cleaning up and looking at ways to improve the space. It's something I've always done as a kid and it is still with me as an adult.
TheGremlyn on Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:20 pm

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