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Family Crazy! Pt 3

So, today my sister got the keys to her new place (after getting a $15 parking ticket because she was parked over night). She started moving everything that was brought to my apartment out to her car and then into her place. The last major load I went with her. I got her to take me to Shoppers first to pick up a parcel and then some drugs! I hate colds.

While I was waiting in the line for the postal office I noticed all the dish soap was on sale. I texted my sister and asked her if she needed some... she didn't respond. So I assumed no and I picked up a bottle of the pomegranate Palmolive. She didn't see it until we took her bags into her apartment and she started pulling things out. She commented that I managed to get that inside without her noticing and I said "you didn't answer! So I assumed no." She said I had assumed correctly and I figured she'd like the pomegranate.

After we moved all the stuff she brought to my apartment into hers I walked about taking pictures. Then, for about half an hour we sort of lay on the floor. She started to get that panicked aura about her when she thought too hard about where she was going to put stuff. I threw a bunch of different suggestions at her. Ultimately I said she wasn't going to know until she got her stuff in here and started moving things around until she had a layout that felt good or one that worked.

After she dropped me off at work she apparently assembled the neighbors from the boons (my dad's place) and they moved her bed and dresser and desk in. Then she got the rest of the cats, and she had a funny story about that one.

When she went to bring her cats in she came into the apartment and, since she's on the ground floor, she opened her sliding door where her car was parked a few feet away, and a cat darted in! She thought it looked like Gus but it had the colouring of Goofy (some reddish colour). She was going about saying "Hey! You don't live here!" She had a heck of a time trying to get it to leave. She she did she closed the sliding door but the cat just sat there, staring in at her.

She went to bring some of the cats in and the random cat was just sniffing the carriers as they passed and didn't seem to mind that other cats. Then the cat saw Jilly and hissed and ran off!

I should also mention, I heard my brother come back last night and I heard bags so I guessed her bought stuff. When I came out, he was already gone, but I saw break and bananas and stuff. Then I saw a box of these K-Cups (Colombian Excellence). I held it up and looked at my sister. I was thinking "so I guess he likes the Keurig and he's trying to settle in here?" but my sister said "he's trying". She explained that he's probably trying to replace the ones he used. That left me with a strange feeling. I'm not sure what is it. I'm probably wary of such gifts and I feel a little guilty (I was crusty the night before when I was texting my sister). I guess I just have my guard up and I'm shoving those emotions of happiness I'd get when my sibling does something nice.

Anyways, I guess my brother wasn't really looking for a place. Or I don't think he is. He just ended up with my sister at her suggestion since she knew I couldn't handle all these people in my place, and I couldn't get a second copy of my apartment key whereas she has 2 sets for her place.

My sister and brother just met up at her place at the same time. She said he's quiet and he looks like he's number crunching or something. She just told him what food there was and there's the shower he can use. I don't think he showered at my place (he was there Saturday to Thursday morning). He did wash his hair... I don't know. But I cautioned her and I'm a little worried, but the apathy is sinking in a bit. It's possible this is a calm before a storm. Thankfully where he is in the living room is opposite where she is in her bedroom. Hopefully the space will help.

Anyways, hoping to do some shopping with her to get her a shower head and caddie and some other stuff. She's going to make a list and I'm going to help her. I get paid tomorrow (2 timesheets worth since I keep forgetting to hand those stupid things in!). I'll call these her Christmas gifts. I'm going to like having her closer to me. I can bus to her place and she can easily stop by here. We can easily go grocery shopping together so I probably won't have to walk all those heavy bags home!

I just hope she's mindful of her finances and that she really needs to save to make those rent payments.

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Family members living in neighbor area is a nice thing,
since we can take care each other.

My sister live in the same city with me, but her house is in the suburban.
I went there 4 times this year and already got lost 2 times.
rx9876 on Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:38 am
Sounds as though everything upside down and stress manifesting in a not so good cold. Hope you are feeling better and your apartment is back to normal. Is your brother sorted out with accommodation?
deanhills on Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:11 am
I read all three parts. Wow, some couple of weeks you have had. I hope your 'bug' goes away too! I bet Mynx is happy to have 'her' home back.
standready on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:14 pm
As far as I know my brother is staying with my sister on an air mattress in her living room. He's mumbled about doing something early in the new year but who knows.

Mynx was cautious when everyone left. She roamed the apartment and looked over her shoulder often, like another cat might jump out at her. She was wary of anyone who visited too and sniffed them from a distance, always looking to see where the cats or dog might be hiding.
TheGremlyn on Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:25 pm

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