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Family Crazy! Pt 2

So. My tiny little apartment has 3 adults, a child, 7 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a puppy (and some fish).

My nephew was the first one up. That woke me up so I came out and some time later I watched as my nephew rolled on top of my brother and tipped the couch slightly because there are no supports at the far side. The joke is that my nephew is clearly too heavy for the couch.

His tummy started to hurt and my brother asked if I had any bagels and my sister asked what kind. He clearly takes after his auntie since everything bagels are his favourite. He was very specific with his instructions. One half was to have the white spread (butter) and the other was to have peanut butter. I had him indicate which half got what since the top has most of the toppings and the bottom temps to be smaller. He ate up the buttered half and then thought he was being sneaking by saying he saved the other half for his dad (my brother).

It wasn't too bad having my nephew around. He responded very well to all of us and he barely whined about anything. He brushed his teeth when he was told. In fact, he had a race against his Auntie (me) because I apparently brushed my teeth quickly. He's somewhat competitive so he jumped at the opportunity. He brushed and came out saying he beat me! He also claimed his teeth were whiter so I asked him to show me. He threw on a big goofy grin and my sister said she could see a sparkle. He said he one and I said "darn it, you beat me!" After a moment he smiled and said "ok, we tied!" and my brother said that was nice of him.

My nephew bounced around between watching one of his kids shows on Netflix and working this his activity books with my brother. Eventually he had to go to a Christmas party and my sister and I headed out to the house to basically snatch and grab stuff she forgot and stuff my brother would need and clothes and stuff for my nephew.

We packed all that stuff away somewhere in my apartment and settled. It kind of seems that when I'm around and my brother is around, he acts like the brother I kind of remember growing up with. He's kind and funny and soft spoken. He looked at all the games I had and asked me about them and the consoles. It seems when I'm either sleeping still or just not there my brother turns into a bit of a butt head. He puts on the "blame everyone for everything that's ever gone wrong in my life" mask. I've never seen it but I hear about it and he does it with my sister and he was doing it with dad. I don't know if it's because I'm younger than him (his kid sister) or because I wouldn't react the way he wanted to push me over the edge. I don't know. I'm kind of glad he doesn't do it. I think if he threatened to live in his Jeep I'd say "good for you, let me help you pack."

*shakes head*

Anyways, he just seemed normal around me. He said I was very organized and I joked that I had just rearranged this room so of course it looks that way. When I was a kid my room would get really messy, then I'd clean the whole thing up and rearrange my room and it looked very clean... for a time... then it would get messy and I'd do that all over again. Mind you, my apartment was never messy, I just wanted a different and better layout. He also liked my Keurig and he was braze and tried the Mocha Swirl K-Cup. He had a couple others. He probably had more than I did this week because I started to get sick.

I started to get a weird tickle in my chest that made me sort of cough lightly. Then my throat started to feel weird and it was difficult to swallow. My head started to feel weird, I felt kind of dizzy and at some room temperatures I started to feel clammy and overheated. That made the dizzy sensation worse. I'm hoping tonight is the worst of it. I feel like Hell and I've got my Dayquil and Niquil but I don't think that's working as well as I'd like. My sinuses are running too and my neck is kind of sore. Add in that when I start to eat something I lose my appetite almost immediately. My sister said that might have something to do with not being able to smell anything... But then she compared my situation to that of a cat's....

Continuing on...

By Sunday my sister was already looking for an apartment. She eventually found a couple she thought were okay. She made an appointment to see one on Tuesday. I went with her and saw the place. I have pictures but I haven't posted anything. The layout is awesome though and I'm jealous. The oven is bigger and there is way more cupboard space. She thought that one over but she said she really liked it. She filled out the application, I was her cosigner to get the application to push through faster. Only one other person looked at the place and they were not approved. Well, come Wednesday morning she gets call and she was approved and she arranged to sign the lease today (originally at 2pm but she changed that to 10am).

Meanwhile... my brother wasn't looking for a place. He even asked us to loan him $10,000. A) I don't have that kind of money and B) he shouldn't be looking for money for some stupid idea! C) if I had to use my business sense I'd want to see some reports and research that would outline the risk and return. Really it boiled down to - my brother is a huge risk and he's just having a crazy moment.


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