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Family Crazy! Pt 1

Where to begin! Well I've already decided this will take more than one post to get out! So lets rewind to the beginning.

Friday night, probably just after 5pm, I get a text from my sister asking if I'm home and that it's an emergency. Now, in this family you do not say the word Emergency unless someone is dead of dying! Anyways, I immediately text back and let her know I'm at work until 6pm. No response... I take a page out of my sister's book and say "hey lady!" but I still don't hear anything from her. I text her a couple other things like "???????????" and then I called her like 3 times.

Eventually my sister calls me back and says that either my nephew was pushed by my dad or he tripped over any of the billion animals in the house. Anyways, apparently my dad was yelling and swearing at my brother and nephew and wouldn't let them leave and he said he called the cops for some reason. Anyways, my sister was crying and asked if my brother and nephew could crash on my couch. Of course they could! It doesn't make me feel better that when my sister came home she said the first words out of my nephew's mouth was "grampa's being mean to us."

Well I basically leave to catch a 6pm bus and wait around at home, texting my stressful thoughts out to my friend while trying to play Skyrim as a means to calm down. My brother never showed up. Apparently the cops were never called. Dad just went up to bed and eventually everyone just settled down.

Then Saturday night happened.

My sister called me a home and I'd just finished a 6 day work week. She was crying. I panicked and panicked more when she said it was about dad! I was like "omg, did something happen to dad? Was there a fight? Did dad fall? AHHH!"

She eventually said dad did it again. He was yelling and swearing at them and he followed them up into her room and wouldn't leave. She said she had to call the cops, it was that bad. Again, she asked it they could all come and crash at my apartment and I said yes, of course!

Well, I waited since the cops hadn't showed up. But I guess when they did two of them went to look after dad and the other two and some random woman watched over my brother, sister and nephew. My nephew had slept through all this somehow. Impressive for a kid... Well, the cops with my dad came back after 5 minutes and said "we can't get anywhere with him, he's talking in circles". Not to mention he kept trash talking my brother.

It all boiled down to "does you dad have anyone he could stay with?" No. "Do you?" Yes.

So some time later my sister drove up in her car and my brother in his jeep. I took my nephew inside, who was all smiles but said he was cold (meanwhile I'm in PJ's and filp flops!). I entertained my nephew with trains while my sister and brother brought what they had with them. This also included animals.

I had a cat and 2 guinea pigs... and some fish.

Now I have 7 cats and a puppy, 2 guinea pigs and some fish. AHHHH!!!!!!

The puppy is not house broken (this is Jilly who is 8 months old now). She peed almost as soon as she got in. She pooped too. Some of the cats poops on my carpet too. Apparently bringing a litter box had not crossed her minds when packing up 6 cats.

So anyways, I was barricaded in my room with my cat and pigs. My sister slept on the floor outside my bedroom and my brother and nephew slept on the fold out couch.

To be continued...

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Oh geez, this sounds like a nightmare tale... I hope it turns out ok :/
Ankhanu on Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:03 am

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