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Random Job Opportunity

A coworker of mine was messaging me while I was at the Oshawa campus on Thursday and he was being weird. That is weird on its own since I have very few interactions with this person. Anyways, he was asking questions about whether I was on contract and what that would be over and then started asking if I was looking for a job in Peterborough when he noticed I was at the other campus (a long journey when you don't drive). Then he asked me if I was interested in a possible job opportunity and then I just flat out asked what he was talking about.

I had to duck into the wiring closet and use the phone there since I didn't want to tie up someone else's extension or the help desk lines. He mentioned an individual would be retiring from their current deskside analyst position and they needed someone. Their phrasing was:

Do you know of any young tech savvy person who might be interested in working with the IT company I work with?

Since I'm about the only one on contract on the Help Desk and I'm seriously paranoid I'll never get another chance to weasel my way into a permanent position (lack of funding, etc) I'll be out of a job! I said there is no harm in trying. There's no guarantee I'll hear from them at all or even if I get offered the job I don't have to take it!

Well, I got the details of the job and it's more focused on the computers themselves and less of the crazy stuff I have to deal with on the Help Desk. In a sense I feel like I'll be doing... less... But she said they service about 250 offices and another 30 on the engineering floor. Perhaps I will be busy with that. She did say they do take service calls for hardware issues and some software issues. You spend a good deal of time setting up new PCs and servicing other PCs and working with the vendor to repair broken ones.

I also found out that this woman is retiring at the end of the year and they're looking to probably get someone in for the first week of December. Lets keep in mind I've only just emailed in my resume after making sure it looked good, then they have to figure out if I'm worth it, call me and do a phone interview. Then figure out if, again, I'm worth it, and offer me the job. I'd either have to accept of decline. If I accept I need to be able to give 2 weeks notice! Ah!

Of course this comes up and suddenly on Friday my supervisor mentions how these two important people at Trent were commenting on how they're really impressed with the response time at the Desk. One of them mentioned my name and the other was like "Oh! That girl is amazing!". It's like she knows even though I haven't said anything to her about the opportunity.

Later in the office my supervisor was looking at the Learning Management System position that had opened and mentioned how that could open up other possible jobs that I could move into. She said all we have to do is get me into a permanent position then I can go anywhere! Then she went on to say that she doesn't know what they'll do on the Help Desk if I'm not there (referring to the volume of issues I handle). I've graphed this (in terms of the tickets that come in) and I handle at least twice the number at the next person, then the numbers drop to the floor after that person.

Anyways, I've applied. I hope the hours are better, the pay is better, and there will be benefits! I suppose there is a risk with either job here.

Right now, come mid April, I essentially am out of work since that's when my contract is schedule to end. Of course I got screwed over the last time too when they ended it early to accommodate the new folks they wanted to hire. Unless I get another contract or a permanent position comes up again and I blow that interview out of the water... I won't be working there anymore.

This new place would have risk as well since I need to learn all the new processes and the job and wrap my head around troubleshooting and make the transition as seamless as possible. I need to get through their probationary period and show that I'm an asset! So much pressure! And there could still be the possibility of just being let go for lack of funding and needing to downsize.

Anyways, I've ranted enough about this. All I can say is if all they do is a phone interview that might work in my advantage as I won't be as nervous over the phone. Going in person means you have to dress up and meet at some specific time, not get lost... ugh!

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I will simply say - always look at opportunities. You can always decline (or counter offer) if pay/benefits are not in the expected range.
You rock that current help desk. They were fools (being nice) not giving you in permanent position last fall.
standready on Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:50 am
I'd definitely explore this opportunity. And also see it as a great sign. People are valuing your effort. And you may get other offers too.

I won't trust your current work place. Even if you can trust the people in there are sincere in promoting you, they obviously can't change the system. I've come across it so many times, people with great intentions, hanging out all the carrots, just to get you to stay because they know you're good for the place. What your supervisor should have told you too is if you get a permanent position any where, including outside your organization, you're in a much better position to negotiate a position at your current work place.

Now's the right time to make a move too. The longer you're on contract at the place you are now, the more people will wonder why you've been "temporary" for so long, as you're working at a huge discount. Someone should have grabbed you for permanent by now. There is a natural "time" at which point your employer should have made you permanent, and I think that window ended in August. If any one outside your work place can offer you a solid permanent position with all of the usual benefits, I'd go for it. It may also help you get back to your old "contract" employer, if and when permanent positions do materialize one day. You'd also be able to negotiate with some more experience and savvy behind you. You'd know how much you're worth in terms of negotiating a full time position. And who knows, you may not even want to return there when the new employment works better for you. And by the sound of things the position in the other place seems to be better organized which is already a great sign. I like the title desk side analyst.
deanhills on Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:19 am
deanhills got the points.
Those contact employees work with me mostly got their permanent offers after one contract period ( 1 year).

Try to evaluate the new offer.
If it's better than the current one, go for it.
rx9876 on Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:18 am

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