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Thanks Giving

I think because my dad is still really hurt from mom's passing he was stubborn about having Thanks Giving dinner at the house. I was determined to have a dinner so, with a little help from my second mom, I got a turkey and the fixings and Googled for recipes and guides. I initially invited my second mom and dad over (my friend's parents who I am very close to). It was also a given I would invite my sister over as we're pretty close too. When I was out with my sister she mentioned having my brother and our nephew over and then she asked if I was going to invite dad. I thought it would be rude not too but I just didn't know how to ask him in person if he wanted to come over... so I ended up emailing him.

The day before I was out at the house and we had a not-quite-Thanks-Giving-dinner dinner. My sister and I threw a roast into a crockpot and filled it with stuff (basically making most of it up as we went along). I seem to have the cooking thumb in the family, next to my brother (though I haven't seen him make anything except really big cookies with his son and t-bone steaks). After the food prep my sister and I kicked back with some old school Mario Cart on the SNES and then on the N64.

This is what we ended up with for dinner...

I made sure the roast wasn't overdone because I wasn't everyone to taste what a nice, juicy roast should taste like (no offence to my mom who dried most of our meat out over the years). Also I'll point out that the one cat my sister has that bonded with our dog, that fell into a depression after she passed, was feeling better that night. My heart broke a little because my dad loves Mylo and loves playing rough with him. Mylo always used to hang around dad's feet and bite and grapple with his feet. After the dog died he started having intestinal issues and it made him very grumpy and sore and you shouldn't really touch him. That night he was grappling with dad and dad was so happy (as happy as my dad could be so someone who doesn't show too much emotion).

Now we'll go to the next day where I started dinner prep around 11:30am. The stuffing would take between 6 to 8 hours in a crock pot (I don't trust doing it in the turkey). I threw everything together and got the stuffing into the crock pot and I was able to take a mini break. Mynx was hovering around the counter and stove the whole time, curious about what I was doing. On our break she passed out on the couch while I continued to Google more recipes. Then I was up again and I was making cranberry sauce from scratch. Then there was another break before I started on the turkey. Eventually my second mom and dad came over with extra drinks and some pots and steamers for the veggies I was going to make, as well as extra plates, bowls and utensils (I only had a set of 4 and I had invited 6 other people over!). Before they actually showed up my sister had texted me saying my brother was in a bad mood so he wasn't coming, and my nephew's mom is just being a witch and wouldn't let us have him for my dinner, even though my brother took him over to her dinner. WITCH!!! Then I got another text and dad said he wasn't coming either. So was feeling rather upset at this point but I was pushing it down and kept myself busy.

My second mom was entertained by Mynx and was playing with her for quite a while. Eventually my second dad started playing with her and he's mildly allergic to cats! She got quite the workout! Eventually my sister showed up and mostly everything had fallen into place. My sister brought her puppy (Jilly) and Mynx wasn't too happy about that. Jilly was trying to chase Mynx and she was mostly hiding under the bed. At one point Mynx tried to poke her head out and Jilly saw her and chased her about. It was like a cartoon or something. Jilly was chasing Mynx around the living room and the came aorund the ottoman and second dad has his feet propped up on the ottoman. Mynx jumped over his legs while Jilly ran under them. I grabbed Jilly and close Mynx off in the bedroom. Quite the entertainment. Anyways, back to foods. The stuffing smelled great! Just like moms! We had to wait on the turkey for a while though... another half hour or 45 minutes. Figures... But everything turned out great. My second parents liked it and my sister really liked it because it was the only dinner she'd had for Thanks Giving so I was glad I did it. Then it was time for desert and I had 3 lava cakes to serve up (second dad had a bad reaction to white flour so all he got was ice cream).

But... while dinner went over perfectly... things took a spiral down. My brother called my sister and was telling her to come home cause he didn't want to be home alone with dad anymore. He kept saying he couldn't get away from him, wanted to punch him out. My sister was doing her best to put her foot down and told him to go for a drive. Doesn't have gas in his jeep? Then get gas. Doesn't have money for gas? Go for a walk and cool down. Doesn't want to go for a walk? Too bad, figure it out for yourself. She hung up and shook her head. She was stressed and then I was stressed. There was a bit of a talk about the difficulties of our home life. Second parents related as second dad has a difficult brother in the family... Then my sister gets a text and someone is throwing the cats out of the house. She calls him up and demands to know who is throwing her cats out. She wants to talk to dad but it seems my brother isn't actually going to get dad... Now my sister and I are both very stressed. I'm angry and scared and frustrated and trying to rein that in but it was hard. Eventually my sister went home, as did my second parents. I texted my sister later asking her to let me know if everything was okay and confessed that I was picturing her going home to find dad dead and possibly the cats as well. Everything was fine and I didn't feel as weird about the request as my sister said she was thinking some of the same things...

For a moment I was okay that night, I managed to get to bed but then I was up at 1am and didn't get back to bed. I was angry and crying and I just wanted to sleep but I really wanted to talk to someone but I didn't know who to talk to. I felt completely powerless because I hate that my sister puts up with crap from them. I wish that I could protect her, look after her, the way she did for me when I was little...

I did get over this whole mess. I did get in touch with my phone counsellor... I'm mostly back on track and reminding myself that Thanks Giving went over well and I can't wait to make another dinner like that because I know I can and I know it will be better the next time!

And Photo Reel...

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Awesome blog post. Mynx looks a natural in the role of supervising chef. GREAT photos, thanks TG!
deanhills on Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:42 am
Wow! Mynx needs to learn to wash the dishes and mop can dry them. laugh
standready on Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:09 am

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