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Gramma's Cookbook

I was out with my sister on Sunday because she wanted me to help her pick an external hard drive since her computer is about to burst! She really didn't need help but whatever, it's an excuse to hang out (yes, it seems we need some excuse! doesn't matter that we're sisters, we're weird like this). Anyways, I indulged and got another, larger, external because mine was getting full, it was over 5 years old (I think) and Mynx had chewed the power cable as a kitten. So here's to the new!

Now onto what this is actually about. After taking advantage of having my sister's car and getting groceries and starbucks and stuff she dropped me off and gave me a cookbook.

This cookbook belonged to my mom's mom (Gramma Marie). It's so old and my mom has the exact book. I found out after posting this that my mom's youngest and eldest sister have the same book as well as her middle brother's wife. There's a bit of a joke that the book went on sale or something and there was just this secret stash of cookbooks hidden away!

I flipped through the book and found that some of the pages have maybe seen better days!

I know my mom had marked a few sections in her book so I looked for some similar trails in this cookbook. I didn't really find any but I found this!

When I looked at this book I had a moment where I just burst into tears. I think the thought that went through my head was: "I wish I knew my Gramma better."

The reason I say this is I was also afraid of her, but I'm not sure why. I know I was very shy and I basically clung to my mom or dad as a kid. She just had this voice (odd that I can still remember what she sounded like when she passed... 8 years ago? I know I was in high school). Whenever we went to a family gathering it was always to Gramma Marie's house or to a larger home owned by one of my aunts and uncles. Even when I grew up I still never talked to her much, I never really knew who she was.

Ahhhhh I'm getting myself going again...

I remember being little and wandering around the house, peeking at the strange things that were in the house. The basement scared me but it was still a place where we went to play. Either my dad or my Uncle Ted were takes us young kids on a tractor ride along this trail and back through the woods behind the house. I remember one time when my dad was throwing a frisbee around with some of my older cousins and my Gramma opened the door to let us know supper was ready. The frisbee his her in the head and I remember her crying out!

Gramma - "Oooowwww!"
Dad - "Whopps! Sorry Marie!"

Geez, remembering my dad's voice then... he sounded a heck of a lot happier and care free...

I still remember the little, green plastic cups with some black writing on the side that I used to drink orange juice out of. Some of the odd games that I didn't know how to play but my brother and sister did. I remember running around outside with some of my younger cousins. The memories seem so far away but they're very bright and colourful in my mind whereas now I feel like my memories are a little grey around the edges... things that happened yesterday are washed out... I wish I could go back and live in those days again... probably because they were better times. Or at least they seem that way...

That kind of sucks that, while I can think of those happy memories, I get very sad. Makes my chest hurt all over again. Maybe that will lessen with more time.

But back to the cookbook. Maybe I'll find a few recipes to try. Maybe there will be a good one for cooking a turkey and making stuffing. Thanks Giving isn't that far away. My dad has chosen to work through it so my sister and I aren't sure what's going on. I still want to make the meal, to try. It'll never be the same, it might not taste as good, but I figure we still have to try. I still really like my dark meat and I still really like stuffing, even if my mom isn't there to make it just right (sort of since she did put some odd things in the stuffing when she felt like experimenting).

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The hand writing reminds me of my grandmom. Can imagine this must have brought lots of memories back to you.

Thanks for posting the hamburger page, just when I've been looking for some different ways to prepare my hamburger. The spanish meat loaf recipe looks very interesting. As well as the burger with horse radish.
deanhills on Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:48 pm
So what you're saying is I need a new blog category called "The Gremlyn's Random Recipe of the Day"? Then it can be a challenge for you guys to make it and try it and report back on how It turned out. Hehehe
TheGremlyn on Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:24 am
Now that sounds like an awesome idea! Think I like it. Very Happy
deanhills on Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:25 pm
That is a pretty rad idea.

Just be sure to use quote tags if it's copied from somewhere Wink
Ankhanu on Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:20 pm
Nice to have fond memories of time with your family. Wish I did.
If I am going to fix any of those recipes, you and Dean are going to have to come and help me eat. I promise I won't make you clean up my mess either.
Your 4T drive will be filled in less than a year.
standready on Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:27 am

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