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Wow Time Flies

Not even sure where I left off and I don't really want to go over my previous blog posts. It feels like a lot has happened in the past month or so. I'm happily back in my apartment and I've surprised September startup with fewer cuts and bruises than last year.

I'm enjoying my two day weekend and this coming week I will be getting up... Probably early in the morning but I'm on the later shift so I don't start until 2pm. Then I will enjoy the awesome three day weekend before starting the morning shifts again. This past week I found myself creeping onto request tracker to see how my tickets were moving and what new ones were coming in. I had to slap my hand because it would stress me out. I figure its because I was so used to working in the morning for months and being at work whenever everyone else was... Suddenly I'm not and my fingers are twitching because I feel like I'm slacking.

Other stuff that's happened... My gramma's farm sold a while ago and my dad got 1/6th of the sale price and my sister negotiated that he could split it four ways so he has some to put away and us kids can try and pay off our various debts and build up our savings and what have you. My sister popped by with a cheque and that took so long to get into my account and I went in person! So $20,000 went into my account and $10,000 has gone towards my student loans and $5,000 went into savings. I'm not sure what I'm doing with then remaining $5,000. I feel like throwing that at my student loan. That would leave me with about $10,000 to pay back. The interest on my loan is, I'm not sure how you say it, calculated on a daily basis. I can see in my payment history how much goes to the principle and how much is interest. I think $20 of the $5,000 from my first lump sum payment went to interest or something like that. It took about a week before my statement updated to show the payment and once I saw it I made the second lump sum payment.

Selling the farm was probably the best thing, and I don't just mean financially. My dad was getting soooo stressed out over the whole situation. My dads brother just wanted money and my gramma isn't all there so she doesn't really know what's going on or where she is half the time. My dad was originally fighting to keep the farm and so was my sister. My dad I guess always wanted the farm, or a farm. My mom grew up on a proper one whereas my day's parents just bought the property and thought they could do it better because they were "city" people. My sister always had that dream that she would live in the house there... She had it all planned out it seems, down to the last detail.

I am not overly attached with the place. My grandparents basically lived in 3 rooms. They used the sun room for most of the day and they used the kitchen and their bedroom and the bathroom. The rest of the house was like a museum. As kids we weren't allowed in the rest of the house. In addition as I walked around I just saw so many problems and money that would need to be out into the place to fix it. All the carpets would have to be ripped out and proper flooring would have to be put in. The sun room would either be ripped off or fixed. The furnace needed to be replaced and the plumbing didn't look too good either. The walls would also have to be painted but that's actually fun. Windows would also need to be updated too. The roof would also have to be redone too I think.

I felt bad for my dad and I was worried about him. My sister told me that on one day he called her when she just got off work and he was crying! My dad doesn't cry often and when he does its bad. He just didn't know what to do and he claimed he didn't want to lose the farm. I got some texts from my sister while I was on the bus going home and my dad thought he would sell our house (the one I grew up in) so that he could get enough money to buy the farm and fix it up. I was pissed over that one since our house is in much better condition and I think mom would be pissed to see their house being sold for that farm. Having both properties would be a lot of upkeep and owning the farm alone would still be a lot of work since my dad can make a project out of cutting the lawn.

I could not understand why he wanted the farm so badly. I had thought he didn't have the greatest upbringing but then my sister told me about how he and his siblings were actually abused and neglected. They were made fun of as kids too all throughout public school because they only had one set of clothes to wear. It sort of explains why my dad doesn't seem to make friends and my uncle seems to be the same way. My dads friend was mom, really. I'm kind of annoyed to hear that my dads parents tried to force them apart. My sister thinks that's because dad and mom were actually happy and my gramma and gramma weren't.

So... Tangent and a half... But since the farm is dealt with my dad kind if had a load lifted from his shoulders. He doesn't have to maintain two properties, my uncle won't be hounding him about it... He can put that behind him and focus on his home and knowing that he has certainly helped his kids. I still try to email him... It's hard since he's not very emotional. I talk facts and work with him. I might tell m about the animals here. I might email him after I have some chilli and tell him how it turned out.

Back to work. I have a makeshift desk set up with my own phone and a temp computer until our new ones are ordered. Someone already tried to call my phone and I had yet to use it myself so I didn't have a busy or unavailable message. I never shared the number either and its not listed anywhere but we have the voice recognition thing set up so all they had to do was say my name. I'm still a ticket buster in my team. I take on a lot of tickets but I resolve them pretty fast. I worry about one of our new guy because he is taking on a lot of tickets but he's still figuring out processes and procedures here so he may try to assist with an issue that would go to someone higher up because of the systems they handle. I don't want to see him making mistakes or taking too long on an issue or giving misinformation. He will learn though.

Animals are doing good here. Squee is fat as always. Eve (mop) got her hair cut. Mynx puked for the 3rd time in her life. That was gross and I nearly went myself. I can see I will be terrible with puking babies and kids. Ha! The weather can't quite make up its mind but its mostly cooled off so I got a nice comfy sweater from Costco to wear around the apartment.

Now to kick back with chilli and XFiles. *stretches*

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Guess I'd count this as a block buster blog post. Nice to catch up TG. Glad everything is moving in a positive direction. Must be tough all round for your dad, but I'm sure with the farm gone, it must be a lighter load for him, just as you said.

Those student loans are really daylight robbery. Just another add on to all my dislikes about the BIG banks all over the world. Student loans are worse however, as those are the people who have to build the future of the country, and many a career has been busted because its initial pay was not enough to pay off the loans.
deanhills on Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:30 am
What a "I'm back" post, L. Done with house/pet sitting. I bet Mynx will miss her playmate but is happy to be home. Still the 'ticket buster' too! Save some for the rest of the crew.
Student loans really suck. If you have enough in reserve then do your best to get rid of those.
standready on Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:06 am
I think the issue with the farm might have been different if mom was still around. I think they would have kept it and my sister would have moved down there. But since mom is gone even if we did keep the farm my sister might not move there and leave dad by himself. Hell I don't think I would leave dad by himself either. I'd be worried something would happen to him. He'd be lonely with no one to talk to at all and he's an alcoholic so... I would hate for him to drink too much and fall or something and with no one around... The things I worry about now.

My brother and nephew are also living there now which has created its own special tension. Add in that my nephew's bimbo mom got herself pregnant by another guy and wants full custody of my nephew. Worst idea ever! She'd have him dressing up like a gangster or something and I swear my nephew is already smarter than her. My nephew loves his dad and when he had to leave my nephew was in a panic and wanted to call him to make sure he was going to be home for bedtime. My sister actually called my brother just to calm my nephew down. He doesn't miss his mom. Not that I don't think she shouldn't be able to see him too but I just don't want them to take my nephew away from my brother. He's a great dad, he never raises his voice... I don't think my brother could take losing his son, pretty sure that's the only thing grounding him right now.
TheGremlyn on Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:05 am
Wow, sad to hear about your brother and nephew. I hope things get better for them and your family.
standready on Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:18 pm
Crazy seems to follow my dad's family name. Not that I feel like giving it up! I'll probably be that special person who doesn't give up their last name if I ever settle down and get married. To think I would have to learn how to do half my signature! Ha!

I just want the crazy to stop so dad can enjoy the rest of his life. And my sister. And my brother.
TheGremlyn on Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:13 pm
I've gone through some of that, and I don't think once one's grown up with that, that one ever gets away from it. Like one's developed an aura that keeps attracting other people who are as crazy as the family one is trying to escape from.
deanhills on Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:17 pm
It seems like everyone has to go through something like this. Either they arte attached to a place or a family member is and it just makes the decision hard all-the-way-around. No matter what is decided someone always feels like it should/could have been handled differently. Hope everything goes okay and that that no tensions arise because of selling the place. Good to hear that Squee is still being very Squee-like!!
pauline123 on Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:06 pm

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