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Work and New People

So I've got myself another contract working on the Help Desk at the University. After being given the go ahead from HR my manager was able to just give me the contract without an interview. I'll still be prime on the Help Desk and with the new people we've got I'll be playing a major role and training them and showing them how things work on the Help Desk. I've shown one of them a few tools I've used and how I basically go through account creation requests, so that was pretty neat.

My supervisor also talked to me about how I should have a desk in the room behind the 'new' help desk. I say 'new' because they library staff peoples have put forth the plans for an extension on the circulation desk and IT has plans for taking the office behind where the desk will be. That hallway will eventually be restricted to employee access only. She's also put in the request for my own phone with and extension number. I'll be all official and everything! This is going to be awesome!

I also had a chat with my manager about how I wanted to get out in the field more. She mentioned how she basically already asked if the networking/telecom staff could take me out when they do the rounds to the wiring closets! I hadn't thought about working with them so that was pretty awesome. I was thinking about how I'd like to go out to peoples offices and troubleshoot issues in person when doing that over the phone was taking too long or was problematic (jack configuration or a bad cable, etc). I also mentioned wanting to go out on some classroom emergencies to see what that was like and how those were handled.

This is all exciting and so many people are happy to have me around! I should point out I'm hugely outnumbered on the Help Desk. There are 4 guys against myself and my supervisor and my supervisor will probably be more hands off on the help desk and she'll be handling to tough tickets or the tough callers.

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Congratulations, L! though I thought you had interviewed for a permanent full time position. Glad to hear that they are going to let you expand. Your own office? I bet you will miss the public side of help.
standready on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:04 am
No comment on the interview for the permanent position! And the desk will be for down time or lunch of when I first come in. My place to land instead of going straight to the help desk.
TheGremlyn on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:19 am
Congratulations TG. Pretty awesome. But even more so that you're so happy there. That can only lead to great things for you. Looks as though you've find your work home.

I was thinking of you when I was in the Vancouver Public Library a few days ago. Probably one of the greatest libraries around. The staff have gone completely mobile. There is no longer a desk on each of their four floors with staff behind it waiting for inquiries. Instead there are a few stations on each floor where people can input their inquiries, and even start a chat with a library attendant. The library staff are now walking around all of the time, going to the people where they are, kitted out with ipad, and all kinds of electronic gear and resources. For example, the first day I was in the careers section, all of a sudden there was a staff asking if I needed any help. I was totally blown away!

I got my library membership reinstated for the while I was there, and was using the computers there, and there has to be some really great IT resources behind all of their IT stuff. Computers are in an awesome state, I can't fiddle with the browsers, but at the same time all of the browsing history and cookies disappear automatically after each session. Everything is online. I attended a free Careers Workshop, since I may have to return to Vancouver late next year and wanted to beef up on how searches are done these days. I was totally blown away with all of the online resources.
deanhills on Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:52 pm

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