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Memories of Love Lost

Ahem, I've been playing a bit of Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening. I was bored and I've been itching to write something for some time. Well, this is a fragment of what I've done and I have so much more I want to do.

Riordan sighed as he unstrapped the scabbard over his shoulder and set it aside. He slipped out of his boots and gauntlets and worked the straps at his side and slipped out of his leather armour and laid it over a chair in the room. He sat on the bed, the light of the fire dancing over the white scars that marred his body.

A locket hung from a heavy chain about his neck and he fiddled with it, his thumb rubbing the front as he so often did while deep in thought. He held the locket up before him and eased it open to look upon the portrait within. His grey eyes studied the faded picture of the woman who had given him her heart and would have given more.

She had long brown hair that fell over her shoulders in thick waves. He recalled the feel of those silky locks as he ran his fingers through them, the touch of her skin, the way the candlelight danced in her green eyes. She asked nothing of him, only that he love her and treat her kindly. He could still feel her fingers as they traced the scars on his chest as she lay next to him. When she looked up at him, her thumb rubbed at the lines between his furrowed brows.

"If you continue to frown like that you'll get wrinkles." she said, her lips pursed. He had taken her hand in his and kissed it lightly.

"I must leave here soon." He murmured and her eyes softened.

"Will you return here, when you have driven the Darkspawn from Ferelden?" She asked as she lay her head upon his chest. She could feel and hear the strong beat of his heart.

"You know that's not how it works." Riordan sighed as he sat up. "I am for the Grey Wardens, I cannot provide for you as I should."

"That doesn't matter to me. You know I can look after myself, I've proven that." she said as she sat up and leaned into him, her lips brushing his arm.

"I have too much respect for you, my Love. This town talks and I could not bear to see them hurt you." Riordan tried to explain. His hand smoothed across her cheek as her eyes fluttered.

"I would have your child, Riordan." Her voice hardened as she looked up at him, her eyes fierce. "I would not have you die with nothing left but your sword, and even that would rust."

"Be calm, my Love." He said as he pressed his forehead to hers. She took a deep breath as Riordan gathered her close.

The nightmares had come to him that night, as they had many nights before; it was part of the reason he had agreed to investigate the incident following Ostagar. As he twisted in his sleep he felt a hand reach out to him and caress his cheek. The terrors eased in his mind but he was only vaguely aware of the hand that smooth over his chest. He was taken in that moment, the need, the urgency of his desire. His heart burned as he took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. Her skin was so pale, so soft, he was sure he was dreaming.

Riordan pulled his eyes from the locket and closed it tightly and lay back on the bed, the locket held close to his heart. Was it a dream? he wondered as he looked to the candle on the nightstand. Or will she have a child, my child? Riordan tried to hold onto the thought, that one happy thought in the hopes that it might fend off those nightmares; one could only hope.

Riordan belongs to BioWare.

He is a character, and a fellow Grey Warden from Orlais, in the first Dragon Age game. I've been drawn to this character and he comes off as the kind and gentle lover sort. I picture him steeling himself against such affections because of the life and sacrifices that are required when you become a Grey Warden. This woman has no name, yet. She just drew his affection and they became lovers.

The scene takes place the night before he leaves for Ferelden to investigate what has happened to the Grey Wardens who fought the Darkspawn horde at Ostagar. Riordan, being old and experiencing nightmares once more, has volunteered to return.

Grey Wardens don't actually get old. They're recruited fairly early in their life and, after going through the Joining, they only have about 30 years left. After the Joining Wardens will experience nightmares of the horde but they all learn to suppress them. When a Grey Warden begins to experience these nightmares again it is a sign that they have little time left. Around this time the Wardens will retire to the Deep Roads, where the dwarves reside, where they battle the Darkspawn until they fall.

4 blog comments below

Nice work.

I played these two games several years ago.
I can only remember the Alistair (paladin?), Leliana (bard), and Morrigan (witch).
rx9876 on Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:47 am
Thank you Smile I like to write but I'm nervous about sharing any of it! When I think of writing... I'd be the author that writes this long and involved series (like Robert Jordan) and maybe I'd have a few books on the side of these lesser characters. I'd just keep building that series until I die, then let some poor sucker pick it up and try and finish it. I hate when a story ends!

These are the characters I know of that can join your party in Dragon Age:

Alistair - from the beginning of the game, basically, after your become a Grey Warden.
Morrigan - after the battle of Ostagar.
Dog - Mabari hound that, depending on your character, you may have saved when it was sick.
Leliana - she's in the next town.
Sten - the Qunari in the cage just outside the next town. You could leave him to die... but that's just mean.
Oghren - Dwarf found in Orzammar
Wynne - mage found in the Circle
Zevran - elf assassin will show up once certain conditions in the game have been met
Loghain - in Denerim. If you get him Alistair leaves your party.
TheGremlyn on Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:29 pm
Very good writing, L. Keep going!!!
standready on Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:16 pm
You certainly have a good memory.
After reading your short descriptions, they came back into my mind vividly.
I pick them all up during the games by save and load.
Of course I walk through both the romance story lines with Leliana and Morrigan.

If you're going to be a writer.
You might be a writer who goods at describing supporting characters.

This kind of story will be very rich in content,
and the readers can image a lively world about the story.

Maybe it's because you play D&D,
and it trained you to be a person who cares details and expands the story under the background.

Hope there will be more stories.
rx9876 on Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:12 am

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