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Kitchen Reno!

So I've wanted to do something like this for a little while now. I find using the main light in the kitchen is just too much light! I want to tone things down a bit and even dress the place up a little. This is how it turned out Very Happy

Queue the slide show!

I was able to hide the excess cable from the AC adapter and the control box in a crevice between the cupboard and the wall. I stuck a little tape there to hold it. The thing near the top is called the 'eye' for the remote control. I taped that in place as well and it doesn't stand out too much.

The kit came with 4 2 foot lengths of adhesive strips. The LEDs are embedded in the gel service coating. All I had to do was peel off the cover and press it to the underside of the cupboard and hold it for about 5 seconds. No screws required or anything, very simple! The tough part was craning my neck to look at the underside and try and press it on in a relatively straight line.

That looks pretty awesome from the underside!

I get the light where I want it. It makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen and I don't have to worry about blinding myself with bright light and I can still see where I'm going and what I want to get!

Look at all the colours and different lighting effects!!! Honestly, I really only care about the white light and the ability to make it brighter or dimmer and turn it on and off (from afar is pretty awesome).

I also did some research after the fact to see what places charge for this kit. Amazon would charge $97 dollar (not including any taxes or shipping). The manufacturer's online store charged $49 (again, not including taxes and possible shipping). I got this kit from Costco today and, as much as I want to say 'priceless', it cost me $29 (plus taxes). I'm quite impressed and I'm glad these were still there when I finally got around to getting a membership again! I only did that because my sister wanted a container of Tide pods for laundry. I'm sure she'll want other things from Costco and, in general, it's a pretty awesome store to walk around. I want to buy so much from that place!!!

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That looks fantastic, L! Although some of those color options don't work very well.
FLASH! Strobe! drive Mynx crazy!
standready on Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:57 am
It's awesome!
You can even hold a party under the colorful light.
That might be fun.
rx9876 on Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:12 am
I love the choice of colors... one could do so much with them... presentations anyone? Is there any way you could make it go around in a daisy chain to drive Mynx wild?
pauline123 on Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:13 pm
Mynx doesn't seem to pay attention to the lights. She hasn't really noticed they're there. I'm not sure if she'd noticed if the lights were fading between all the different colours, or if she'd do anything with lights that slowly brighten and dim. The max number of strips I could have connected is 10. If I had more of these I'm not sure where I'd want o put them... I mean, those would be pretty awesome on my balcony, I'd just need an extension cord to go outside so I could plug them in and I could stick them to the underside of the top railing. I wonder how they'd do in the rain and cold though?
TheGremlyn on Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:24 pm
Great job TG. I've got exactly the same lighting - not colour however. I don't know how I could do without that lighting. When I moved into my current TH I changed all of the lighting. Real hard work to get it installed, but I hate those chandelier type center in the celing lights. So opted for wall lighting instead. In the bed room and study I have removed the chandeliers for a flat cover and dimmed lighting, and am using desk lamps instead.
deanhills on Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:01 pm

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