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Sprucing Up The Place

Yea, so I have this thing where shopping makes me happy and I'm trying to make my apartment really feel homey. So here's the photo-reel of my recent adventures and updates!

First! Oh! I love these! I've been looking for this for AGES!!! I always wanted a set for the longest time and I finally found one I like! Apologies for the massive size of these photos. Aside from resizing them before I upload them somewhere... I'm not sure how to make them smaller... Is there something I can do with the 'img' tag things?

Next! I bought some new throw pillows for my couch since I fell asleep on the old ones and... well I wasn't too impressed when I woke up so I thought I'd get some soft, puffy ones. I also like the colours!

Oh yea! I moved my furniture around a bit so the couch and the TV just switched places. I'm not sure what it is but I feel like I have more space... Hmm. Anyways, I bought a rug. I'd been eyeing this one for a few weeks and I finally got it... I thought it was going to be bigger but oh well, it still feels nice on the feet and it adds some colour and life!

Now, for my (soon to be) patio set! I bought some cushions for the seats so they're a bit more comfortable. I think it also adds a nice hint of colour and maybe it's a little stylish as well Very Happy

Ah yes! It didn't take Mynx long to go "oh! new stuff!"

Pretty kitty is just chillin' on the new rug. I think she likes new stuff about as much as I do!

Sniffing the new rug, but what I think she's saying is "it's so soft on my nose!!!"

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Haha! Looks as though Mynx put her seal of approval on the carpet. Great taste TG. Really looking good. Cool
deanhills on Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:29 pm

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