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Cooking and Cats!

So I've been a little out of practice. I haven't actually made anything pig in several months and I was just at the grocery store and saw a nice looking roast. Picked that up and then had to go back to another grocery store because I was missing some ingredients. After almost 2 hours in the oven before it reached my desired internal temperature and I don't know how long I spent on prep time... But this was the result:

I guess it could be a little more on the rare side but damn! It tasted amazing! I made a simple gravy up with the drippings and broth I'd put in the roasting tray and I just about died! I've only eaten two slices so I have some left over to a few meals or a couple lunches! I will eat like a Queen this week! Pretty sure I can make it last that long and not die...

As for cats... This happened...

I think she started at around 7am and I must have been delirious or something and dreaming of work. I actually thought Mynx was a staff person at work calling in for a password reset for their Colleague account. Annoyed by the intrusion I shoved her off the bed and scolded myself for shoving someone who works for the University. Then I sort of came to my senses and realized I was thinking of work and just needed to roll over. So for the next hour or so Mynx wandered around the bedroom meowing from different places. I heard her do it about 3 times and I couldn't see her anywhere, then I turned around and looked over the head of the bed and she jumped at my face!

I continued to ignore her, determined to sleep some more. She jumped up on the bed and trampled my abdomen and walked over my legs, stood on my ankles and at one point she jumped up next to my head and meowed very loudly. I cracked an eye at that point and watched to come in real close and sniff my face (hence the above link).

Another time I rolled over and she jumped up on the bed, I almost didn't notice her. Then I felt something poking at the back of my head and heard this *sniff sniff sniff...* I grumbled and buried my head further in to the pillow and blankets. Eventually, close to 9 am, I gave up and threw myself out of bed and filled up her food bowl. Then I flipped the Keurig on and made myself a much needed coffee. For the next hour or so I sat scowling at my computer.

I just love Mynx so much. Really, I do... Twisted Evil

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You must remember - you work for Mynx, she does not work for you. Did Mynx get to sample the roast? It looks really good. I am waiting for my sample to arrive! laugh
standready on Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:37 pm
That looks very delicious! It's a shame they haven't invented online food mailing!
codegeek on Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:00 pm
I have a feeling I could do better but I'm just not sure how. Of course I'm always up for making something different and amazing.
TheGremlyn on Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:36 pm
I guess I should get the turkey breast out of the freezer and throw it in the crock pot.
standready on Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:57 pm

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