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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Darn you dreams! I thought we had something going here! Anyways, lets see how much I remember from about 3 am...

I think I started out alone somewhere, maybe I was heading to some cafeteria or some place where I was going to get food. I had waited in line and I had managed to get a tray with some food but they forgot the meat. I left this place for some reason and walked the streets for a little while until I came upon my ex and his friends (this part is weird because the friends are actually my brother's friends). Things were kind of awkward and I might have been there because I had some of my things I needed to pickup.

My ex and his friends (which are actually my brother's) were just hanging out and talking and for the most part ignoring me. I think I started to feel a little down and when I had my box I was about to leave when my ex came up to me. I didn't want to look at him because I felt like crap but he started talking to me, telling me he felt bad about what happened. I told him that I hurt, my chest hurts and I just feel lonely and that scares me and annoys me. Then I start to get a little angry and ask why he did it. He starts to look hurt and guilty and he starts to apologize and that just makes things worse.

I take my box and leave and I find myself walking down a street towards an old apartment of mine that I had when I first moved out. I never actually went into that one. Instead I found myself back at that cafeteria place and this time they slapped on this ridiculously large piece of beef on my tray and it is smothered in some kind of gravy. It didn't look very appealing so I just set the tray down and when I turn around my ex is there, but his friends are nowhere to be found.

He walks with me back to my apartment and when we're inside he tells me how sorry he is and that he regrets what he did. He wants to take it all back because he still cares about me and he really likes me. In the dream it's like I'd been waiting for this and I cry a bit because I'd missed him and I knew he'd made a mistake. He hugs me and it seems like such a relief to be held by him and I feel tears stream down my face. Then for some reason the tone changes a bit and suddenly I'm kissing him and pushing for more.

I basically feel like I'm seducing him at this point, then his phone rings and I hear a female's voice and I think that he's still with some other girl. I'm kind of annoyed and so I make sure she can hear that I'm there and that we're kissing and I think he drops the phone. Things get kind of serious so I'm going to skip the details here and move on to when my ex's friends show up (still my brother's friends).

One of them, the one I can clearly see in the dream, is kind of annoyed at my ex for getting back with me, or seeming to. I'm starting to think it was more like a booty call than anything. His friend tells him what an idiot he is and doesn't understand why he even started talking to me in the first place. They kind of ignore that I'm here and that's when I get distracted by these mice on the ground, as well as a hedgehog!

I follow these guys outside near an old tree stump where the little hedgehog climbs up and looks at me with his cute little face. I'm actually afraid of mice but these mice don't scurry around like real mice so I can actually pick them up and hold them. They're brown in colour and it remind me of the mouse in my last apartment that Mynx had chased around at 2 or 3 am. I pick up the hedgehog and it actually feels rather soft but I don't question it. I turn around with all these little critters to see my ex and his friends still talking (they appear to be having a heated argument).

The main friend leaves and my ex is just standing there, then he isn't. Then I'm in the driveway of my parents house and the hedgehog and mice are gone. There aren't any cars in the driveway and it seems like there are dark cloud above. I think my mom is inside but I can't actually find her. I think I hear her talking somewhere so I go inside, but she's not in the kitchen. I go upstairs and look in every room and even walk into the bedroom. Her things are there, as they should be, but I can't find her. I go back downstairs and think that maybe she's on the computer, but she isn't and the TV isn't even on so she's wasn't watching anything. I go around into the living room, which has reverted back to the off greed coloured walls of when I was a child. I find pictures of myself and my siblings on this old metal desk, they look like school photos of when we were young. I put those down and go outside, thinking my mom might be tending her gardens... but I still can't find her anywhere...

At this point I'm not sure which part of the dream is more disturbing Confused

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What happen? You were all smiles taking pictures with your furry friends. Darn dreams anyways. I got up at 3am to avoid the my nightmare.
standready on Wed May 01, 2013 10:03 pm
I had some interesting dreams before this. I can still remember one clearly so I will try and post it later on. I'm still all smiles! I'm dreaming of leather jackets and iPads or other tablets! Not to mention my incoming computer desk! I think there is a haircut to be had in all of this... Somewhere.
TheGremlyn on Wed May 01, 2013 10:31 pm

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