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The Art of Walking in the Rain

Apparently I should write a book about this because I'm awesome like that. A friend of mine, Kevin, started talking to me on Facebook and asked me how the umbrellaless walk home was. I looked at that for a moment wondering how the heck he knew I didn't have an umbrella, then I asked him and he said he drove past as I was heading into my apartment building. I joked that I didn't think I looked like a wet dog so I said it wasn't a bad walk. I was actually more concerned for my feet because I was wearing dainty little flats.

He already knew where I lived but he said if it had of been further along he would have offered a ride (so if I lived a few streets away instead of a few feet). Then he assured me I didn't look like a wet dog and said "I actually drove by thinking... holy crap how is your hair look practically perfect even though its pissing rain. What's up with that lol Razz"

I'm not fooled by my hair. Sure it was probably pretty tame and when it was getting rained on (and some how my hair is somewhat resistant to rain) but after I got in and it started to dry I noticed a few additional waves in my hair. A bit more rain in my hair and it probably would have exploded and we'd be talking about how fuzzy my hair is.

He's a nice guy. I used to GeoCach with him and a few others. I remember we went to this one area that had tiny little caves everywhere and one of them was actually a little more impressive. We actually found a hole in the roof of one of the caves because we could hear one of our friends talking. We had this grand idea that we would plot our escape through this opening. I remember Kevin and another friend lifting me out. It was pretty hilarious but I'm glad no one took any pictures of that, but we have tons of pictures for the rest of the adventure!

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Talking about rain, you wouldn't believe it but we're into our fourth day of rain and overcast weather here in the Middle East. Pretty amazing for this time of the year on top of everything else as well. Real hibernating weather.
deanhills on Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:28 pm
Has rained enough around here to flood many towns by the rivers. Typical spring. Light rain early this morning but harder rains coming back tomorrow and continuing throughout the week. Not good for many.
L, I always manage to get caught in rain when I take my walk. Always starts when I am far away from home. I have come home so soaked that I don't dry out for a day let a lone my clothes.
standready on Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:09 pm

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