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That Kind of Day - Part 1

I think I'm just going to say work was work as usual. I did my best to answer my tickets and take on a few more and I answered the phone when I could and I checked on some computers we had to work on behind us. Lunch was OK as I'd decided to buy it from one of the other buildings on campus but then I had to walk about 10 minutes in the rain to get back to the desk. My hair... explodes when it comes in contact with rain. I had to duck into the girls washroom and use the hand dryers they have and pointed it at my head so I could get most of the dampness out. My hair was a little fluffy afterwards but it was still fairly straight.

Near the end of my shift I decided to look at some of the numbers for the Help Desk (ie how many tickets each of us has resolved since I started working). I may have the slight advantage because I work solely on the Help Desk whereas some of the others may get caught up in something else. To go over the people on the Help Desk there is myself, a Help Desk Analyst. Cam is the other Help Desk Analyst who started back in May and he has a head for programming and he's got some projects he is working on of his own design. Chris is my supervisor and she is the Help Desk Coordinator and she hasn't been on the desk as much this past term but the term before she rotated around with us as she opened the desk in the mornings. Will new to the Help Desk this term but he originally worked with the learning support team (he still does but he spends most of his time on the desk here or at the other campus). So lets look at some numbers...

These are the tickets that have been resolved since September 1st 2012 (I started officially on the 4th and I spent the first week watching what was done on the Help Desk).

Me - 1,215 tickets
Cameron - 780 tickets
Chris - 779 tickets
Will - 459 tickets

These are the tickets that have been resolved since January 1st 2013

Me - 507 tickets
Will - 316 tickets
Chris - 296
Cameron - 283


I kind of knew my numbers were high as I'd been tracking them along with the positive feedback I'd been getting since February I think. I kind of planned to use my numbers and the positive feedback to fuel my cause, which is to get hired on again after the summer. I want this to show that they need me on the Help Desk. Seeing the numbers for all the people working the Help Desk is interesting. As I mentioned I work solely on the Help Desk so in a sense I'm not too surprised my number is so high. If we all spent the same number of hours on the Help Desk then it would say that I am a super worker! But since my supervisor spends her days at her desk, and Cam works on his personal projects even when he's sitting at the desk... Maybe I'm just filling in the gap created by that absence. I do tend to jump on tickets very quickly because some of them can be resolved in one reply but some do take the day or a couple days. I do work quickly though.

Lately, probably after I came back to work after mom died, I just take on a lot of tickets. As soon as they're emailed in it's almost guaranteed I'll take it or filter it off to where it needs to go (another queue, perhaps). I respond quickly with a plan in my head for each tickets. I ask questions when I'm not sure what is being requested or to gain more information about the issue. Some tickets for account requests take time because you have to generate the account and sometimes the tickets has to change hands to perform different tasks before it comes back to me. Some tickets, if not resolved by changing some settings, upgrading an application, or restarting a computer, may have to be passed up the chain further troubleshooting or to exam applications, settings or account configuration on the server (something I'm not able to do, but there are those in IT who are responsible for certain services and they're specially trained in some areas).

I still look at those tickets, those numbers up there. It still blows my mind. I showed these to my friend and his response was "So you're about as productive as the 2 average workers combined?"


Apparently! If they don't hire me back on contract they might have a lot of tickets clogging the queue because they will go hours or days without being answered. And I don't work on tickets alone. Since mom died I've been kind of numb so I don't get stressed when someone comes to the desk for help, or someone called in on the regular line (and they could be angry or in a panic) and I don't even flinch when the classroom emergency line goes off. The phone rings once and I pick it up. Someone comes to the desk and I ask them if I can help them. It kind of gets to a point where I've dealt with so many issues that I almost *faceplam* when Cam listens to the issue and asks some question to clarify an issue that is already clear. I almost have a plan of attack for every issue, I have a process that speed things up and, in the case of walk ups, eliminates the need for me to get up and walk over to a printer or computer if I can find the answer right at my finger tips.

The main thing with the printer is "It charged my account but didn't print anything"

A) It did charge the account and I can see it didn't print anything so I'm going to refund your job right here.
B) I didn't print anything but it also knows it didn't print anything and it refunded the job automatically so you're welcome to try again.
C) It charged the account but says it printed something (I may or may not get up to go to the printer to confirm, but there is the rare instance where the printer may be stuck on a screen that says someone sent a legal size document but we only have letter size paper... Hit OK twice to print...)

I should note this is our new printing system which can tell you a lot about what is going on. Cam is hung up with the only system where we didn't see this. He is inclined to walk over to the printer every single time... because the printer can tell you something... NOT!

Well this rant about work and numbers got a little out of hand. I didn't mean to go on so long about this.

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Well it's what blog posts are for I think. You can go ranting to your heart's content. I found it very interesting reading. Looks as though you've been a busy beaver, and am sure your supervisor must be impressed as well.
deanhills on Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:00 pm
I said it before and I will say it again - You ROCK, L!!!!
standready on Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:34 pm

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