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Odd Feelings

This morning I just feel 'off'. Last night was disorienting between the dreams I had and waking up hearing noises. I think I had two different dream, one where I was running about with my ex and the second was about my apartment and apartment building.

The first one I vaguely remember it being a little dark and creepy and I think I was running or trying to keep away from someone or something. My ex was there, but only partially since I would go off and hide somewhere for a bit, then try and find my way back safely to him. My mind was a little too preoccupied with what was after me to really see my ex so he was sort of faded, hard to see. This dream is just a big haze and it doesn't help I'm trying to remember two dream and this was the first.

The second one I was in my apartment and it was also kind of dark and creepy. There's night time and then there's the kind of darkness where the lights are on but the darkness is still there, pushing against the light. I think I was trying to sleep in this dream but there were noises from the next apartment and I opened my door to see them hauling this oddly large fire extinguisher out into the hall for the superintendent. Something was wrong with the extinguisher so I thought about checking mine because I could smell something odd in my apartment. Sure enough it was like my fire extinguisher was damaged or something and it was leaking air or something. I pulled mine out and put it in the hall.

At this point it get a little weird, I think I may have gone home to my parents house and I remember seeing my sister and maybe talking to her, but I'm not sure what we were talking about. Then I had to leave and for some reason I was met up with my ex and three of his friends. My ex went off with one friend and I went with the other and his girlfriend. They were talking and I could hear their voices in my head like they were really there but I have no idea what they were saying. As soon as I got to my apartment I went in and closed the door, locking it behind me, while they were still talking. They noticed the door was closed and locked and started banging on it and yelling at me, while I went into my bedroom.

This is part of the odd feeling I think I'm having. When I went into my room in the dream with those two banging on my door and yelling for me I felt odd. It was just some mix of emotions where I think I was sad or scared or disturbed or all of those and a few other emotions. I just went into the bedroom and sad on the bed, in a ball hugging my pillows. Then, out of no where, this dog appears and I think it's my friend's dog Owen but this dog has dark, chocolate hair, and Owen is orange, white and brown. Maybe I try to taken Owen to the door where I think his owners are waiting but the dream ends.

When I wake up I hear noises and I worry that it's Mynx playing with something. After a while I realize it's something either above me or along the walls. Unless Mynx can walk on the walls then it was her, and I confirmed this by going out to check on and she was lying on the couch. I did manage to get back to sleep and ignore the noises but I was annoyed because it was almost 4am and I get into the head-space where I start thinking about how many hours of sleep I have left (in this case 2 hours).

Random side note, Mynx just sat by my sliding door watching outside until the sun popped up over the buildings. She was probably blinded by the morning light as the skies are clear today. Ah, I shouldn't have looked! Now I have spots in my vision!

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And here I thought you had the ex out of your system completely. Bad ex! go away!
Noises in an apartment do not surprise me. Have not been in one yet that was even reasonably sound-proofed. Those noises probably triggered part of your dream.
Cute that Mynx was enjoying the morning view. Probably bird watching. laugh
standready on Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:22 am
I think I'm getting closer to getting him out of my system. The dreams were interesting I guess, and not as bad as they could have been. Other dreams I've had I'm a bit of a rage monster and I'm kicking his ass around the block Very Happy But I still don't like those dreams... I just want my wacky crazy dreams back that are my kind of normal.
TheGremlyn on Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:34 am
Yeh, Ex's just get stuck in the brain don't they. Your furry companion Mynx seems a great help though. What a cutester.
vicar013 on Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:02 am

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