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Rocking the Help Desk

Just as the title suggests I'm totally rocking my job! I'm a champ on the desk. Phone rings, I don't even hesitate to pick it up. Someone walks up to the desk I ask them if I can help them. Tickets come into the IT queue and I look at them and take them or filter them into the appropriate queue. I had a comical and crazy moment when my coworker came back up to the desk since I'd been left along randomly for an hour or two. I went on about how tickets went crazy and started coming in and I'd taken on about 20 and they were driving me nuts because I just wanted them dealt with quickly. He was telling me to not to over do it and to let some of them sit there and someone would get to them. I wasn't impressed with that answer considering I take on a great deal of tickets and I resolve them just as fast but the other two guys barely touch them, they're too caught up with doing something off of the desk or working on some personal project that will somehow better the Help Desk or IT.

I've grown so much in this job and I know so much more. I just fly through the issues in the tickets. I watch the queue for new issues and as soon as one comes in I usually respond right away. Sometimes the person on the other end takes their time getting back, other times I get a response in a few minutes or within the hour. After a few correspondence the issue is usually resolved and I get so many compliments on my 'prompt response' or they might say 'Wow! You're FAST!'. I love that! I told my co-work that and he said "well don't set that kind of expectation" *mumble mumble mumble grumble*. What a load of crap. You're on the Help Desk to server the people and I want to make these people fast. I clearly want them thinking "hey, if you get this person from IT you'll get your issue sorted out in no time!" Mewahaha!

I really like what I'm doing and I really want to do it well. Maybe this is what I want to see changed on the Help Desk. I want people to jump on tickets and tackle issues as quickly as possible. I don't want us taking days over issues, I don't want it to take us a week to work on one computer. Saying you don't want to set an expectation of expedient service is just pure laziness! It sounds more like you don't care that much for the job and you don't know who you're working for.

My co-worker is so caught up in these projects that it takes him away from the desk. When he's working with me I just grab the phone as soon as it rings and I take the walk-ups away from dealing with him so he can just keep on working. I tend to remember some of the people I talk with over the phone, or those who come up to the desk or email in about their issues, whereas my co-worker doesn't. I remember a woman who had come up to the desk with a problem and we tried to help her and sent her on her way (well my co-worker did). She came back some time later and was trying to refresh his memory but he just didn't remember her. I leaned over and was like "yea, you came in with this issue and we did this and now you're back" and she was kind of happy I remembered.

I'm thinking I'm more of a people person than I like to admit. Yes, I've gotten super nervous around them... but what I've been through, with how my life has kind of turn on end... I just can't be bother to get so worked up over this job. I just don't get as stressed. When my supervisor came back from training and asked me if I had any questions, I said no. Other than having a few stale tickets hanging around because the people haven't responded... everything has been great...

I really see myself owning the Help Desk some day. I can learn so much more about the Help Desk job and the university network and everything else... I want to smooth over some of the humps of getting in the job I have now so that new employees have some kind of training so they're not thrown into the mess. I want procedures and specific steps that seems to work better for some issues. Some of the steps my co-worker follows don't always make sense. He responds to issues without really looking into the problem and will drag out the issue before finally reaching a resolution. Rather than throwing in a generic response, if he took the time to look into the person's records he would see what the problem is and his response would be different and the steps taken to resolve the issue would be different and ultimately the problem could be solved sooner.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I will content myself with where I am and do a little dance....

*Dance dance*

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Great you are enjoying your job TG. I'm sure people must be enjoying the prompt service too. Cool
deanhills on Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:32 am
They are so lucky to have a effective help desk like you!
rx9876 on Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:16 am
How great to know that people appreciate the job you're doing, especially when it's a job you like doing. Help Desk, like Tech Support, is not a job that most people can do well. Communicating effectively with people who are sometimes frustrated to the point of anger can be difficult for many. Sounds like it may be your niche though. Whoever you work for should consider themslves lucky to have you Smile
onebadpenny on Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:36 am
L, I am so happy to see that you are coming out of your shell (so to speak) and enjoying your work. I remember your early post of starting at the help desk. Yes, those co-workers are lazy and don't really want to work. Your professionalism attitude is making them look bad - You ROCK!!! Raise that bar of service!
standready on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:31 am
Keep it up. Show them all how amazing you are!
pauline123 on Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:29 pm

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