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I Guess You Can Stay

I grudgingly decided Mynx could sleep in my room the past couple nights. Wednesday was the first day since I figured I needed my cat alarm to go off at 6am so I could get up and ready for work. Sure enough she settled down on the bed and she was quiet for the night. I slept through until about 6am when I stretched out and kicked her. She made a noise and then decided it was time to get up so she hopped off the bed and before she even meowed I sat up and saw it was exactly 6am.

I may have locked her out on Wednesday night... I'm not sure. I think she may have been sleeping with me. I think I remember her lying next to me. Oh well. I know she was sleeping with me last night. I woke up and looked to see her lying on her side all curled up. Her eyes were cracked open and when she was I was looking at her she gave a meow that was more like a 'hmmf!'. She had her paws curled up and I just wanted to squish her with hugs and cuddles... but I was tired so I flopped back down and fell asleep.

I kind of wish I locked her out of the room though... It must have been 5:30am and she was trying to chew on cords and she was making meowing or purring noises or something. She even jumped up behind the curtains and she was playing "Peek-a-boo"... until she fell with a crash on the floor... I wanted to kill her because the last thing I need if her tearing the curtain rod down!!!

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Laugh! Try putting some Tabasco/hot sauce on the cords for your cat 'purr powered' alarm to enjoy.
standready on Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:22 am

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