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Adventures at the Desk

So as I was telling my friend... We had the angry Asian (I have this thing about coming up with my own names and labels for people. I once referred to my marketing prof as a bulldog) at the desk yesterday and he was complaining to my coworker because the printers were screwing up his documents. Mu coworker initially refunded his money and then left for lunch to leave me to deal with him. I'm not going to lie, he intimidates me cause he looks so angry all the time. If he smiled his face might break.

Anyways pretty sure he played us and basically managed to get free printing. I'm pretty sure he kept every document that came out of the printer and only one had to be thrown out because he killed the toner cartridge and it had to be replaced. After that he acted as if that fixed everything and his document finally printed properly. Well it looked like every other document he had and stapled.

Well today he comes up to the desk and I kinda joked with him by saying "oh no, don't tell me you're having printer problems again" but he assured me he wasn't. Apparently his apple power adapter stopped working. I looked at it and saw the exposed wires and burnt look of the cable and said it was probably fried. I asked how old his Mac was and if he still had coverage under his one year warranty or if he had an extended warranty. He was a month outside the warranty and no additional coverage. Apple charges about $100 for those charge cables. He mentioned amazon and I said he could probably find one for considerably less and it should work as long as it is compatible with his device. Then he wondered if I could refer him somewhere and I said the only place we send students with computer issues is Benchmark and I gave him the info slip for them. I did caution him though because they probably wouldn't fix the adapter they would just try and sell him a new one.

Then he leaves and 10 seconds later he comes back in the library and he was waiting near the circulation side for a bit then he moved over near the help desk and asked if I'd like a bag of chips. He had a bag of plain lays chips. I politely declined but he insisted and if I don't want them I could offer them to someone in the back area. So I accepted the chips and he thanked me again for all the help.

He did smile and it did look like it pained him a little. I'm not sure if he was being nice or flirty or if he was laughing at us because he thinks he got away with his printing stunt.

I also found out he's not exactly Asian. He's from Mongolia so he's more like an angry Nordic Asian.

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Mmmm refund money only when 'customer' gives you defective printed page. I did a quick search ebay for his crapple adapter. He could get one there as well.
standready on Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:12 am
Crapple is right! And I was trying to fight the guy initially. He just got a little louder and was harder to understand.
TheGremlyn on Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:38 am

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