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Repeat Offenders

They make me laugh. They do the same things over and over and they never learn anything! They just keep getting back into the same situation and make the same mistakes. I see it in so many places from work to people I know or knew and just random people around town.

At work it might be people who consistently have troubles printing, staff who seem to have trouble with our mail client or logging into the computers. With people I know or knew it's usually the relationships that get them. They get in with someone who isn't quite right or they just have this way about them where fail to communicate or the put up a wall and just ride out what's left until the relationship falls apart. They don't learn from what they do or from what they've been through, they just move on into the next without learning from the past and taking ownership so that it doesn't happen again.

I know my repeated mistake (happened twice) is getting in with a guy I don't really know that well because I'm not thinking clearly. I put way too much effort forth and things end up being a little one sided. I'm looking for something in the other person that isn't there no matter how hard I try to blind myself to it. They usually lack in the communication department and for some reason I don't put my foot down and stand up for me and do what I have to do to make sure I'm protected and happy, etc.

Next time a guy won't wait to make sure if girl is properly protected against fetal parasites I might have to hurt him... I'm not putting up with that selfish BS again, it just shows what they're actually interested in and that's sex, it's not you (personally, glowing smile, awesome conversationalist).

Oh, the other thing I do quite often doesn't have anything to do with specific items. If I think about doing something (make sure I don't forget to put this book in my bag, don't forget to fill up Squee's water bottle, don't forget to put deodorant on) I generally forget to do it. I've got it in my head that I'm telling myself I have to do something before I leave, I can't forget to do something before I leave and somehow the wires in my brain get crossed and I do exactly what I told myself not to do. I forget things and I don't do something before I leave. It's like by thinking about it I've somehow done it... I don't know if that makes sense or if anyone else gets something like that...

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Happens to me too. I like the way someone coined it - purpose tremor. You're so focused on not doing a particular something you've set your mind not to do, it goes into reverse, or the other way round, you set your mind on doing something, and then you don't do it.
deanhills on Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:53 pm
I could never work the help desk. If I get asked the same question a third time by someone - I blow my top. Pay attention so you don't have to ask again. If you did not understand the first time, say "I did not get that, could you repeat".
Sorry, sore subject - end of rant
standready on Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:20 am
I especially like the people who keep coming to the Help Desk asking library questions. I'm tempted to put on an irish accent and say "Have you tried turning it off then on again" in a rather loud voice, then see what kind of look I get...
TheGremlyn on Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:40 am
TG. That advice about turning things on and off is pretty much on the mark, but not only for computers. For everything that has to do with electronics. Maybe there should be a "HELP" button installed called "FINAL SOLUTION" that would turn off the computer or any other electronic equipment automatically. I seem to recall that once upon a time there was a "reset" button? Or maybe it is still there but people don't get guided to using it.
deanhills on Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:21 pm

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