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Shooting Star

Last night on my walk home from the bus terminal (a very short walk, maybe a couple minutes) I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a moving light of some sort. I looked up and found it and followed its decent and eventual disappearance and in my head I said "It's a shooting star! I have to make a wish!"

I think the last time I saw a shooting star I was pretty young and I was out driving probably with my mom because it was dark out and my dad usually goes to bed early. My sister might have been there as well and I just remember them telling me to "look over there! See it?"

I don't mind saying what I wished for because I wished for the impossible. My exact words in my head were "I wish mom could be here with me now". The impossible. I could spend my whole life wishing on stars for that and then I'd be dead and back with her! I couldn't think of anything else I'd want, at least not in that moment. Although I'm not sure if I put much stock in wishes... It's just something I was told you do but I never thought about it too hard.

After the whole shooting star thing I kept on walking back to my apartment and I'm pretty sure I forgot about the whole thing when I got into the building. I only just remember it happening and I recall thinking about posting about it but I basically went straight to bed as soon as I got home. I'm going to work an hour early to cover the Help Desk because my supervisor is getting pretty sick. The other guy who works the Help Desk won't be in until 1pm so I'm covering the desk from 10am to 1pm all by myself.

I hope it's not a crazy morning...

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