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Easter with the Family

Well, Easter dinner went over well enough on Sunday. My sister got my gramma over (my dad's mom) and my brother and his son picked me up so I got to hear junior point out that there were train tracks ahead or that daddy needed to be careful because we were coming up to a red light. It was also my gramma's 91st birthday so my brother brought a cake he and his son made. I brought my cooking expertise and extra potatoes and stuff to make salad and roasted potatoes.

My sister went to work making the salad and I was set to make coffee because, aside from my mom and dad, no one knew how to work it. Since I bought it as a Christmas present I was supposed to figure it out. After the coffee was made I also had to cut and prep the potatoes. Just needed to cut them to size, mix them in a bit of oil and sprinkle season salt and minced garlic on to and they were ready. I was, again, called up to look at my parents computer, which had been working earlier but the CPU was all over the place. Well apparently whenever their computer is acting u it just completely stopped working when I show up. Now I have to find a computer that is cheap but will last and still has some power to it... And probably shouldn't have win8 on it... Unless I want to send my dad for a loop.

Right. Back to dinner. Food turned out well and we had a full table. Dad at one end with gramma and my brother at either side. I was in my mom's spot with my nephew and my sister at either side. Couldn't help thinking about how mom wasn't there. More so because I was in her spot. Kind of felt wrong. But I think we did her proud by having all the kids together and a good meal. Dad and my brother have had a rough time since they always used to fight when we were little.

After dinner we had cake (insane amount of chocolate) and tea. Then my sister had my brother and I go through a box with some of mom's stuff. Christmas mugs and other little things. A couple plates that belong to her mom and some of her knotty and crochet work. I found either a scarf or what was supposed to be a pink blanket she had been working on but never finished... That's kind of sad and interesting. I also reclaimed my seasons of Charmed and my printer. My brother and I had fun getting that into his jeep and then he had to help me carry it up. Got to meet Mynx for the first time and kind of see where I was living.

So I guess it was a good day. We were almost completely together. If you want to say she was there in spirit or memory that works. I know we all would have been thinking she should be here.

Now to enjoy the rest of my lunch and finish off my shift.

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Sounds special and also bitter sweet at the same time. Great that you are all holding it together for your mom. If you do find the computer, hope you will let us know the brand and specs. Or are you going to go for generic?
deanhills on Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:37 am
It won't be anything special and I'm not going to look too hard for a computer. All my dad does is use email and Word and he plays these Hoyle games (backgammon and probably some other ones I don't know about). Their old system looked like it had maybe 3gb of ram and I'm not sure what the processor was.

Price is the big thing because my dad doesn't want to spend the money on a system he feels is just going to break in a few years. There are probably things they do that kill the computer a little bit each day over time... like a full system virus scan every day? And the computer was full of icky dusk and hair and that is never good. I might have to pay regular visits with a can of compressed air and blow the thing out.
TheGremlyn on Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:18 pm
Do you think he'd do better with an ipad? I don't own one, but my boss has great fun with one, and uses it to play games with his two sons in Japan and in the UK.
deanhills on Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:15 pm
I am glad to hear your family got together for the day. Nice to know someone has family that cares.
standready on Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:46 pm
I know my sister was the one telling me I was coming over and that my brother had offered to bring some food. My dad might have brought it up initially to my sister. That house seems too big with just him. I mean my sister is there too with her 6 cats and plans for a puppy. Lets not forget all her stuff from her apartment. But it still seems too big for dad. It was fine when it was mom and dad... I don't know.
TheGremlyn on Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:18 am

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