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Fun Times

So I was emailing back and forth with a really good friend of mine and I was telling him about two of the guys that seem to stand out to me at Trent.

For the first I do not have a nickname for, maybe smokey eyes? He's not much taller than I am and he's pretty lean with dirty blonde hair kind of short and spiked up but it doesn't look like he uses a lot of gel or anything so it looks more natural. He's got grey or blue eyes and they stand out, probably one of the first things I noticed about him in the fall. He stopped by the desk with a few questions and I kind of curse myself because that's when I was still fumbling around in the job. I haven't seen him as much, maybe a few times today and yesterday randomly. I think the first thing that went through my mind when I saw him was "hello eyes".

The other guy is the completely opposite. He's hulking. Not saying he's fat, I'm saying if you painted him green he would probably be quite similar to the Hulk. He's pretty tall and wide at the shoulders and just thick all around. He's got dark brown hair that is a little more shaggy than 'smokey eyes' and he definitely has blue eyes. The first time he came by the help desk was maybe a week or two ago and he was asking about printing. I didn't really notice him other than I had to look up at him while standing behind the desk. I was still pretty numb but the next time he came around he was trying to ask library questions (hehe, silly students. I'm not allowed to touch books). I think there should be an international 'give a stranger a hug' day so I can get a hug from this guy. I bet he would give awesome hugs!

I kind of laughed at my friend's response to my email describing these guys:

"By the way, it's great that with all this stress you can still find some time to ogle the opposite sex. I think it's healthy and probably helps keep your mind off things. Good luck with hulk guy. If you get the chance to get away from the desk, then don't wait for him to come to you."

I'm certainly not blind to men, at least. I was chided though because I was talking about how I felt old working at the university and watching all these young students walking through the library. My friend's response to this was:

"And what about your age? We're not old yet Lynn, we're barely half into our twenties. I don't even have a job yet, so I don't consider myself an adult. If I'm not an adult yet, then you aren't allowed to be either! If everyone thinks you look like a student then it just proves my point Razz"

Yes, most of the staff and some of the students who work the library side seem to think I'm taking classes at the university. I'm pretty fed up with school and I just want to pay off my loans before I even think of taking another class. A few nights ago one of the girls working the later shift on the circulation desk was asking me what classes I was taking this semester. And in the fall semester one of the other IT staff was wondering why I wasn't studying for my exams (I was just sitting in the staff lounge watching an episode of star trek). Yay for looking young!

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Actual age is all relative to how you feel at the moment, young lady. I have days when I feel like I am 8 and others 800. laugh
Grab that hug if you can and won't get into trouble with the school. Hugs are great. I could use one myself. Wink
standready on Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:48 pm

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