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Cats and Jackhammers Do Not Mix!

So the construction guys were doing a little more work on the balconies today. I heard them with their jackhammers on other balconies the other day and it was pretty loud, today they were on my level for over an hour. My floor was vibrating and you could see ripples in my glass of water I had sitting on the counter.

I threw in my ear buds to dull the noise a bit and started going some dishes after my breakfast. I saw a blur of motion and looked to see Mynx and she meowed at me. Her ears were back a little and her eyes were wide, she just had this look of terror on her face. She moved from one side of me to the other and she even crawled in the space between the counter and stove in an attempt to escape the noise. When I finally finished the dishes I found Mynx huddled behind the toilet. I pulled her out and onto my lap and she pressed into me, burying her head between my arm and side.

I saw with her like that for about a half hour or so and she never budged. Poor thing! It was nice having her just sitting in my lap for that length of time as she doesn't normally sit with you for longer than a couple minutes. I'm also glad Mynx isn't a dog since dogs would whimper and whine and bark and probably starting peeing in places. Hopefully it wasn't too bad for the rest of the afternoon since they finished up on my level and the noise wasn't as bad once they moved on.

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Poor Mynx. Most animals do not like the ground shaking. Some can even sense sight temors before a quake. Noise probably did not help either.
standready on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:16 pm
What were the construction guys doing? Sounds like murder for Mynx. Poor thing!
deanhills on Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:11 am

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