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Getting Ready for the Move

Well I booked the service elevator for tomorrow and I did the inspection of the apartment today with my friend's parents (whom I've been staying with since my mom's passing). They liked the apartment and thought it was a great space. It smelled like it'd been painted and they probably steam cleaned the carpets because it didn't smell like smoke in there. I also noticed they were replacing the balcony railing and doing some patch jobs since I didn't see the giant purple railing outside the sliding door.

It was nice to see it again because I have a better idea of where things will go, like my TV stand and futon couch thing, computer desk and even a little table to eat at. I only own a bed at the moment, but there is a very nice futon on sale that I'll be picking up. There's also a nice, inexpensive TV stand my friend will pick-up for me from Walmart since he works there and I can get his discount. My friend's mom (she's an angel or something) ended up buying two curtain rods and two curtains for my apartment (a curtain rod for the living room and bedroom, the curtains will go in the living room), two throw pillows for the futon and a set of 6 tea towels. Part of it was supposed to be a "my condolences" kind of thing, and I guess she must have thrown in the house warming bit or something. The only thing I ended up buying that day was the shower curtain and the curtain rings.

On my sister's advice I bought a can of flea spray and went back to the apartment. After taking a ton of pictures and measuring all the rooms, I spray every inch of the place. It's supposed to kill adult and larval fleas and I guess it'll take care of any eggs. The last thing I need is for Mynx to get fleas, and I don't think Eve or Lil' Squee would like those either (piggies with fleas! AH!).

I had a moment when I was at the apartment later on in the day... I was taking pictures and I remembered that I'd only drawn up the layout of the apartment for my mom. I never actually got to show her pictures of later her on a tour... I guess if I have to believe she's up there watching me then she knows... And I bet she'd like it... I can see her smiling face as she peeks in the cupboards and has a cautious look around, bobbing her head in approval.

Being on the fourth floor and with such a large balcony I'll probably have better luck growing some plants. Last summer the squirrels kept climbing up on the deck and digging up the seeds... I'm not sure how good the light will be. I realized when I was there today that the apartment is actually facing North-West. Originally I thought it was facing South-West, I'm so glad it's not. I expect my apartment will be a bit cooler in the summer because I won't get all the afternoon sun, but I might be able to see the sunset...

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Sounds like the apartment plan is moving along. Not that bad of a view complete with a clock. Hope it keeps good time. laugh
standready on Sat Mar 02, 2013 5:48 am
So nervous about moving! I did a Costco trip with my friend's parents and got things like dryer sheets and a bath mat. Lots of toilet paper and Tim foil and cling wrap. I also probably have a years supply of Q-tips Razz I still have to go a normal food shop today and possibly have my first meal there. So exciting!
TheGremlyn on Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:14 pm
I hope that you enjoy your home very much. It is nice to look out and have a view. My is pretty this time of year with the snow fall we have had though it is a ground view and I can see down the street. The front view is like a picture but the back view is horrid being just a parking lot. Too bad the sun rises in the back but it has to come up somewhere.

Perhaps you could open the windows now and then. I personally do not like sprays. Even fresh paint bothers me but I find that bugs do not fresh paint. I have a few small spiders that I need to control by keeping things dusted but I understand they will also look after things. In the summer, I find little sugar ants and for them I have used poison. My how small they are. like specks.

In the summer I also put in a window units for air conditioning. They are noisy but I do need them because the building is old and requires something to be comfortable.
Bluedoll on Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:42 pm
Wow I am directionally challenged! My apartment faces East! Ah! Hello morning sun!!
TheGremlyn on Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:33 am
"direction-ally challenge" That is so funny, L. When is the apartment warming for the Frihost gang?
standready on Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:31 pm
Glad things are working out with the move Smile
Ankhanu on Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:21 pm
Standready wrote:
"direction-ally challenge" That is so funny, L. When is the apartment warming for the Frihost gang?
Great question! Wonder what we could bring for the apartment warming as well? I also liked the "direction-ally challenge" description.

Hope you have a wonderful first night in your apartment, first cooked meal, first everything TG ....
deanhills on Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:18 pm

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