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Former Landlord

This is just on my mind.

I went into work yesterday and walked through the little foyer area before the entrance to the library on the second floor and near the Tim Horton's and sandwich bar they have at the University. I dropped off my stuff and came back out to get some hot chocolate, which turned into coffee because their machine went out for servicing! Dammmmnnnnn!!!

Anyways, I had my music blaring in my ears and as I was heading to the lineup for Tim Horton's I saw someone waving furiously out of the corner of my eye. I was pretty sure it was just another student trying to wave at someone they knew so I just carried on. Bought my coffee and turned back and I saw that waving again. I turned and saw this guy and it took me a few seconds to realize who it was. I'm not sure what he was doing there but the landlord for the apartment the ex and I rented together was at the University.

I pulled out my earbuds and chatted a bit. He wanted to know if I'd gotten his email about the rent receipt I'd texted him about, I had. Originally he was going to draw up the letters for the ex and I since I need that receipt for income tax purposes. He said he'd be in town a few Sunday's ago but I never got a text from him and I was worried because I ended up in the next town over so it would have been a bit of a drive to get back. Turns out he was pretty busy with work and his apartment (I guess he's moving as well). He wanted to know if it was okay if he ran the numbers by the ex and I said it was fine. As far as I know I have all the e-transfer emails from him regarding rent and I matched them up to my bank account; I had a few other e-transfers in my account from the summer when I was planting trees and painting houses.

The small talked continued a bit. He asked how I was doing and I mentioned the apartment I had lined up for March 1st. He seemed happy about that since I'd told him I'd moved back to my parents and I went over my new routine for getting into work. He'd told me about how he used to get up at 4am to catch a 6am bus into work when he lived with his parents. After the day was over he wouldn't get home until about 7pm. Suddenly my days don't seem as bad since it's less than an hour in either direction.

I also got a compliment on my hair, so that was awesome. Its only taken a few months but I'm starting to get the length back and my hair is just long enough that I can either let it flip out at the ends or I can straighten it. That day I'd straightened it so I had a sleek look going with my hair parted to the side. I told him I would never chop my hair off again! I remember moving into that apartment with hair around my shoulders. Then one day I just cut it down so it was just over an inch long and it was a couple days later that our landlord had stopped by to either take the storm windows off or do something else. I can pull off the short hair but it's difficult to maintain because it just has to grow a little and suddenly the hairstyle you like doesn't work!

We talked about a few other things but I was in a bit of an awkward place. He's a nice guy and it's pretty easy to talk to him but I was taken off guard because I wasn't expecting to see him at the University. On top of that it was 12:45pm when I went to get that coffee and I started my shift at 1pm so I wanted to get back in and hop on my workstation, but I did want to chat. Too many different things at play in that situation.

Oh well, it's nice knowing that someone doesn't hate you for suddenly moving out! I expect the ex mentioned I was moving out when he told the landlord he'd be taking over the rent completely; of course I double checked that one and let our landlord know I put a stop order on my cheques since the ex was going to get some of his own.

I have to say, I'm a bit of a bridge burner but that is one bridge I'd rather not burn. He was an amazing landlord and he's a nice guy. So I'd prefer to be on good terms with him and I wouldn't mind expanding my social network a bit. I kind of value friends a bit more now (not to suggest I didn't value friends before, I just feel bad about how I sacrificed a for the wrong reasons) so it's nice to have a bunch of different people you can talk to about whatever.

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