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Sleeping In

So my mom is on holidays this week so I get to sleep in! That's the good news here and it worked out since I was up a little late last night watching Stargate and chatting with one of my friends. I got up for 9am, although I didn't sleep straight through the night. I did wake up a few times. Once after I had a dream that I wanted to blog about but that dream has slipped my mind! Another time I woke up and reached out to see if Mynx was sleeping with me and she was. I woke up around 5am and I heard Mynx stretch out somewhere and she started to meow (my mistake for sitting up to check the time!). I rolled over and ignored her.

The bad new... When I sleep I tend to sleep on my left side and I have my left arm up under my pillow. For some reason my shoulder didn't agree with this so I woke up and I was pretty stiff. It's still bugging me and it's almost the end of the day! What's worse is my right shoulder kicks up a fuss whenever I lift something with a little weight (like my bag or groceries); I'd hurt it when I was at the gym some months ago when I was doing a chest exercise. I would have said it was just a sore muscle but when the rest of my muscles recovered and my shoulder still felt weak... yea...

Sure, I'll grumble about how my shoulder is bugging me but I tolerate these things. It doesn't stop me from doing anything but I just feel the pain when I move a certain way or lift my shoulder or arm.

I'm a weakling! Just need to get out to my gym and whip myself into shape! Tone up a few areas and build up muscle in a few others (mostly legs and back since my legs carry me everywhere and my back is wimpy!). Once I get myself settled in my new apartment I can work up a more regular routine. It'd be nice if my gym was open after I was done work but I'd sure I can kick myself out the door for a session before work. It'd just be nice to work out after I was finished my shift in the evenings. Technically there's a new gym on campus but I don't like it that mush primarily because it's co-ed. I feel way more at ease when I work out around a bunch of women.

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