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Rihanna - Jump

Pulling some of the lyrics out of her song...

Tell me that you love me when you know you don't love me
But I guess I guess I guess it's all good
You can play the game, I'ma still do my thing
Ain't no better way for it to be put
When you ****** them other girls I bet they be wondering
Why you always call my name
You think I'm gonna wait around
I ain't got all day


Think I give a damn, boy don't you know who I am?
I ain't running around chasing no dude
Think somebody else like me gon' come around
Boy you got it misunderstood
Put it in your face but you're actin' all scared
Like you can't recognize a good thing
Now that you got a chance
Tell me what it's gon' be?


You say it's my fault, OK I get it
You ain't pick up your calls, I'm like forget it
See you put up your wall, you know you did it,
The rise and the fall, just admit it
You say it's my fault, OK I get it
You ain't answer your calls, I'm like forget it
It's the the rise and the fall
It's the the rise and the fall
And you could've had it all

I should point out my taste in music is all over the place. I'll try and listen to anything and if I like it I'll keep listening to it, if I don't like it then I won't listen to it. Even artists I don't exactly like I'll still have a song or two by them that I do like. I don't like Ke$ha but I have a couple songs of her's that I'll throw on. Rihanna is kind of the same but I think I'm warming up to her. Rap and R&B is similar, I know I like some artists and there are those I basically don't listen to except for a few songs. Of course there are artists I used to listen to all the time and I liked almost all their music but I barely listen to them any more.

So if anyone has some music suggestions, maybe an artists you like and you can recommend a few songs you really like or think I might like then I'll check them out.

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