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You Can't Go!

Lately I've noticed Mynx has been sleeping under my bed. I'll look around during the day or evening or night time and I can't see her on the bed and she doesn't appear to be anywhere else upstairs. I go downstairs thinking she might be playing with a toy or watching my mom but then I hear little paws on the floor behind me. She just follows me around from somewhere, which is adorable.

Today I thought I'd check under the bed and when I saw her she stretched out and made some cute noises. I reached out to pet and she curled up a bit and just looked at me with sleepy eyes. Then I tried to pull my hand away and her paws just locked around my wrist and she lightly chomped down on the outside of my hand. Then she started to lick my hand and when I tried to move my hand away she lightly bit down on my hand again. She just kept doing that while her paws pulled on my wrist to keep it close.

I did pull free and she just looked at me with these eyes that said she wasn't impressed with me. I started to pet her again and, again, when I went to pull away she latched on to my wrist. She just has this thing about her where she will bite you and then lick you to make you feel better... then she bites you again. Although that might just be me... Maybe they're little love bites.

Mynx: *bites hand*
Me: "Ah! Ow! Why did you do that-"
Mynx: *licks hand*
Me: "Aww, you're so cute. I guess I can forgive you."
Mynx: *continues to lick hand*... *bites hand*
Me: !!!! Shocked

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laugh! Next time she will take a HUGE chunk out of your wrist. You need to tap her nose and say "No" or "bad" when she does that. She needs to know who is boss! Of course, you could always drag her out and bite her tail!
standready on Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:17 am
Cute .... guess you probably must have plenty of Mynx scratch and bite trophies!

Standready wrote:
Of course, you could always drag her out and bite her tail!
Now that would be very interesting. Very Happy
deanhills on Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:49 pm
I bit her ear once... She wasn't happy about that. She doesn't actually bite... more like she just grabs me with her teeth but she never actually hurts me. As for nails she only have the back ones, although she attempted to remove one of her back nails by herself (idiot! It's growing back slowly). I only get marked up with I play rough with her, which I don't do often since I want a cuddly kitty that doesn't shoot fire out of its eyes!
TheGremlyn on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:22 pm

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