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Wee Bit of a Shopping Trip

So I was bored out of my mind yesterday since I was in town early and didn't really have anywhere to go. Started off the day with breakfast at Speakeasy and had scrambled eggs with veggies in it and some orange juice. I tried to eat some of the toast but I was already really full from the egg and the break tasted kind of funny. After that I went over to the mall and sat in the food court half asleep. I was already really tired when I came downtown and after eating more of my energy went to my stomach.

About 45 minutes past and I headed down to the lower level and checked out a clothing store I hadn't been to in a couple years. I used to get my jeans from this store when they were at the main mall in our city but after they moved I just never went to it. I had a look around and saw that they were having sales on just about everything. Why do I always walk into stores when there is a sale? Not that it's a bad thing but it makes it hard to walk out without buying something.

I found two sweaters, one just looked nice and cozy and something I could really see myself wearing to work. The other was a Canadian sweater so I clearly had to get that so it can replace the UK sweater I bought. The other sweater can replace the one the ex bought me. After reading about grieving processes and talking with counsellors through my work's Employee Assistance Program it is a good idea to try and remove those items that might remind you of the person you lost. Wearing that UK sweater also makes me feel like I've tainted myself a bit and my Canadian side disapproved of such shenanigans. Besides, I like rocking the Canadian sweaters and other stuff. I think at most I could wear something related to Scotland since my mom's side of the family has a strong line there (one of my great-great-?? grandparents had 15 kids before coming to Canada).

The other shirts I got (on for $5!!) well its actually the same shirt in 3 different colours. One is some really light blue-green colour (very very pale) so I'm going to wear that today. The other is black (classic move for me) and the other is a nice red (my sexy shirt). I don't know why I wanted the red but I saw it and thought I'd look pretty awesome in it and felt like I should get that colour and wear it out some evening when I'm with my friends having coffee or something. The shirt is hard to describe... website calls it a "GIRLS LACE V-BACK TOP WITH BUTTERFLY SLEEVE".... but it looks awesome, I swear!

So I walked out of that store, finally, after spending just under $57 (nice haul for me) and I went out to view that apartment I already blogged about. Still hoping to hear from them today because I really want it!

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Sounds like a really good deal to have got all of that for so little. Great that you're out and about as well.
deanhills on Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:03 pm
Nice L! When are you going to model your shirt ("I swear" - laugh) and Canada sweater for us? Are you going to burn the UK sweater?
standready on Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:26 pm

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