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Some More Good than Bad

So I probably had 3 dreams last night. I don't remember the first but I know the ex was there. Probably for the best I can't recall. The second had bits of him in there. He was there for a moment and then I went grocery shopping. Somehow on this trip, even though I had enough to fill my two grocery bags, I initially had just over $1000 worth of food. Pretty sure I can't carry that much. My bank wouldn't let me spend that much so I had to eliminate some stuff. I Think I got it down to $600 by getting rid of a lot of wants (some fancy soups, etc). I didn't really get rid of that much and I know what I was left with be fairly easy for me to carry on my own. Near the end of the dream the ex stepped back in and that was it.

The last dream started out with the ex trying to go clothe shopping. He was going on about needing these brand names like Lacoste (because those shirts only cots about $100 a pop!) and he started talking about how he only likes to buy his clothes from England. I snapped at him in the dream and told him "maybe you should go back to your ***ing country and get out of mine!"

He fizzled from the dream and I say good riddance! Then things got a little more interesting. I was wandering around a complex with some of my friends and the place looked like it was falling apart, like an old factory or warehouse. Then I think I found an entrance somewhere that lead to a nice building above ground. I guess we were actually sneaking about trying to find this entrance.

I opened the door and saw the way was clear. I moved in and I think someone was with me or following me around so I had to make sure they stayed hidden when someone came by. I think at one point we found ourselves in a small room (closet like) with a window in the door. We stayed in the corners by the door and shrank back into the shadows as far as possible when someone walked by. The someone actually came in and flipped on a light; it was a woman.

I quit hiding and tried to blend in and act normal, joking about how I couldn't find the light switch and I would have been stuck in the dark for ages if she hadn't come along. She seemed to buy it and I walked around more normally. I kept my pace up, like I had to be somewhere. I kept my head up and smiled at people like I knew them. They all seemed to buy it. I only got a little nervous because of the posted guards and patrol units walking around with massive guns.

I think two of my comrades managed to find a place to hide. They actually had sniper rifles and they each had the same target lined up, they just had to figure out who was going to take the shot. Well the one in the left position took the shot and missed. The alarms were going off and the target was on the run. All we could do was escape from this place. I think I went and tried to hide, then sneak my way around the patrol routes. I eventually closed myself in a room and opened the window and kicked out the screen. I climbed out as quickly as possible and jumped down into some snow.

I ran for it. Then the dream shifted and I was running away from my parents house to the farm fields behind the house. It was kind of a bright day but the sun was hidden. It wasn't cold but it was cool enough that the snow wasn't melting, just packy. Then it looked like a younger version of me was trying to show me to something, to remember something. I had a vision of my dad walking off into the fields holding a small shoebox. I knew he was off trying to bury my dead guinea pig, Ewok. I remember I was living in town at another apartment when I came home and she had died. My sister took her home after I wrapped her and packed her chewy stick with her. Then it was up to my dad to bury her when the ground had thawed enough.

In my dream it seemed I had wanted her buried somewhere nice, I just didn't know where. So the younger version of me was trying to remember and she started to run off. I ran after myself and rand up the path between two fields. We zig zagged our way through the fields until we were near a far edge of the farm. That's where Ewok was and I guess I was kind of sad that she was gone. I guess I just wanted to 'talk' to her because I missed her.

Then I woke up again and here I am. So I would say there were more interesting and good parts compared to the bad. I know I had joked with a friend that I should have a dream with him in it and we could go on a trucking adventure. He was trying to send me good dream vibes where he was. A trucking dream would have been preferred but I had to say there were some interesting parts to my last dream. Action packed fun. I felt like I was really there and doing all that stuff for some reason and it all made sense.

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Definitely sounds like an interesting night of dreams!
pauline123 on Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:23 pm
And what were you drinking while playing Xbox before bed? laugh
standready on Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:50 am
lol Sometimes I can figure out where the dreams are coming from, other times I wake up and I'm literally questioning my sanity. Maybe some of that last dream was influence by startgate. Those guys carry guns and some of them look very military. And I swear, I didn't add anything extra to my chicken soup!
TheGremlyn on Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:53 am
I was thinking of this blog post this morning when I woke up. I knew I had dreamed but couldn't remember any detail of it, except that it was quite busy. I rarely remember my dreams. Great that you can recall them in such detail TG.
deanhills on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:37 am
Sadly I had a dream last night and I remembered it when I initially woke up but it was the middle of the night. I was thinking "that's a cool dream, I'll have to blog about that" but I've forgotten it after waking up this morning!
TheGremlyn on Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:40 pm
I absolutely hate it when it happens to me too TG. I remember the dream, and then later in the day it just completely slipped away from me. However, I've also found some times that something may trigger a memory of the dream, like a person I see, or a spontaneous flash back out of the blue. So who knows, it may still come back to you.
deanhills on Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:44 pm

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