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Busy Day

So it's been a couple weeks where work has been super slow in the evenings. I half feel like I'm working a graveyard shift because it's so quiet. No one is really walking up to the desk with questions about printing and the phones basically don't ring and I might get an email in the queue about not being able to sign into the portal.

Tonight was different and I think my supervisor jinxed because she told me "oh it's always slow in the evenings so you'll have time to deploy this software in our lab". Well when 5:30pm rolled around and everyone else left and I had to work until 9:00pm the phone was ringing every 15 minutes and people were coming up to the desk with a bunch of questions. Tickets in the queue were coming in at regular intervals (a few were about the same issue and a few had to be filtered off into other queues).

For some reason the students here don't get a downloads folder so whenever they download a file from their email it kind of gets lots in the labyrinth of the computer. So a girl walks up to the Help Desk basically describing this exact situation. I find out the computer she was on is on the other side of the campus. And it's cold. So I grab the recovery program on a USB and head out with her, which she was shocked I did that. We made our way across the bridge to the other side of the campus and into one of the further buildings and located the computer, which was free. She logged in and we waited. I plugged in the USB and launched the program and BAM! Found the file.

She was sooo happy. I mean, if that's not customer service then I don't know what is.

Back at the desk. Everything was crazy again. There were a handful of students reporting issues logging into the learning system so I had to make a ticket about that. I also had to go up to a room and fight with a Smartboard. I dislike those things. It wasn't recognizing the computer it was set up with. I tried fiddling with just about everything from the computer to the controls and connections of the Smartboard. I eventually gave up and we just hijacked the inputs and plugged them into one of their laptops and it worked.

Back at the desk again. I think it was almost 8:30pm when I realized I still had to deploy that software. I grabbed the disks I'd been given and went to the back room (about 4 of the computers were occupied). Started up a row of computers, logged in as an Admin user and started installing the software. It really didn't take that long to get the computers done, then I just had to note the computers I couldn't get to. Then it was 8:45pm and everything was finally quiet. Closed down the desk 10 minutes later and hopped on a bus.

Now I'm just spent. I'm hungry so I might have a cup of soup and I'm tired so I'll probably crash soon. I blame the barking beagle at 3am. Even Mynx was startled but that strange, loud bark. Who lets their dog out at 3am???

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