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A Cross Between Mirrors Edge and Assassins Creed

I was having a pretty interesting dream. But someone ruined it... Grr! Evil or Very Mad

I was just sitting on something like a bus or I was in another vehicle going somewhere. I looked out the window to see this big screen up high and there was an image of someone I recognized from real life. The message that went with it said to text a number if you knew the name of this person. I'd never done something like that and I certainly knew this person from back in high school (real life). So I texted the number with the name of the person and just carried on sitting on the bus as we drove by to somewhere.

Little did I know that text thing was a trap! Some suits were waiting for me where I was going to get dropped off. They escorted me away into another vehicle and I was taken to somewhere else, like a compound.

We got there and I don't remember the details of what happened next, I just know that we ended up inside the place and up at the top level. Then it was like Mirrors Edge and Assassin's Creed where I was running, jumping and climbing on just about any surface. I felt like it was a race and I was timing myself to see who quickly I could get down to ground level. I felt like I was redoing sections and repeating myself, trying different routes. On one of the repeats I encountered a man who I had never met or seen before (in real life or on TV or in movies). He was on a deck similar to the one from the apartment, with the same stairs and same wood that had lead to the door of the apartment.

He seemed like the quiet angry type. He was brooding about something and images were conjured in the dream to suggest he missed someone he loved, a woman, or he was still looking for this woman and feel this kind of love. I felt bad for him and I didn't know what to say to him. He didn't seem to really want those words from me or maybe he just didn't know how to behave. He'd draw back within himself and get defensive, and then suddenly strike out at me with words.

Then the dream changed completely! I think even I was a different person because things I was saying didn't sound like things I would say!

I was basically with my ex and I was talking about how I had told some woman that I didn't care that she was his girlfriend, I'd walk over her to get him. My ex was lying there looking interested and had a smile on his face. This section was just post breakup sex stuff. I think I'd become aware of the dream at this point but I didn't comprehend what was going on.

In the dream I got up to make sure a door was closed and locked because I thought I'd heard someone. When I turned around and saw my ex lying there I felt like I was trying to stop the gears of a clock from moving. Everything ground to a near halt, but it didn't stop. I was still walking back to my ex and he was still clearly there waiting for me but everything was in super slow-mo. I tried to change his hair, making it a darker brown and about an inch long. I tried to change his face and his body. It wasn't working. Hell, I tried to substitute him completely for a character from Stargate (since I'd fallen asleep to an episode). None of it worked.

Eventually I just fell out of the dream and woke up. I was checking my breathing and making sure it was controlled and paying attention to my chest to gauge the level of anxiety I was feeling. I think I was okay but the images were disturbing. They still are. I wrote this out in the journal I bought a few weeks back to get more of the details out. I felt better after getting it out. I feel better now since I can type 5 times faster than I can write.

All I can say is that it was a pretty cool dream until he showed up! Some of what I was doing seemed to defy physics but it was pretty interesting. I wish I woke up sooner but I probably would have had to fall from a great height to generate the level of panic to kick me out of the dream.


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