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New DnD Character (Been a while)

So now that I'm hanging out with my friends again (can't believe I ever stopped! stupid move!) I'm starting up a DnD campaign and I just finished making my new character. We're playing 5th edition so everything is pretty new and very simple (until they throw out a ton of expansions).

I've gone with a Halfling - Stout - Fighter. He's strong, perceptive of others, he's in pretty good health and he likes to tell a story of two. I wouldn't call him light on his feet but he's certainly more graceful than he is wise with words Razz People in the village say he's kind of special. But he's the fearless sort so while others tremble before the big bad wolf that's threatening the local flock, he drives them off! He's really a nice guy and he does the best he can.

I liked the idea of dual weapons so he's had a bit of practice with short swords and even if he misses with the first, he'd get a glancing blow with the second. He's also the local Guide for the village so he takes people around and shows them the village, the outlying farms and woods and marshes. He can show people how to climb, how to survive with basic supplies, how to swim and track small and large creatures.

Since he likes to wander around he has a very good memory for maps and his surroundings so you'll never get lost when you're with him. He also likes to come prepared with his adventuring pack. He carries rope, a bedroll, tinderbox, healer's kit and a mess kit, as well as a handful of torches, rations and a waterskin.

I don't have a name for him yet, but he's from a village called the Free Marshes. For the north and west you'll find a handful of farms. Further to the West you'll come across the Sand Hills (no one has ever been to the other side of the Sand Hills, not even my characters). For the South you'll come across some open plains that are too rocky for farming and that borders on the Deep Woods. My character has ventured in there but there are a lot of folktales about the woods and no one knows what's on the other side of them. For the East we have some more open plains and the Water Weed Marshes. Further to the East you come up against the Misty Mountains. They're rather spooky and the Halflings of the area may have ventured up to the edge of the mist before turning back after hearing some strange sounds. Again, no one knows what is beyond the mountains.

As for the North, beyond the fields you can follow a well worn road wide enough for merchant wagons and the like. It's a good 10 days journey to the next town (no idea what to call it) and from there you have to cross the White River Rapids to get to the larger city on the other side (about a weeks journey). There is really only one safe place to cross the White River Rapids so the people who own the ferry barges there make a killing in trade and money! You would have to go well out of your way to get around to another point to cross and you would probably run out of food and die before then.

So if anyone has any suggestions for a name for this character that would be awesome. Also, names for the larger town and the larger city would be helpful.

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5th Edition, as in DnDNEXT?
I didn't much care for 4e (see my blog about game systems/settings Wink ), and don't have high hopes for NEXT... but I look forward to giving it a test!

Sounds like you've got a good concept goin; I've always been a fan of halflings and dual wielding, he's right up my alley. Sounds like you guys have a fine start to your setting too!
I'll not be much help for a name, it's usually the last/hardest thing I do building a character... And I find it's really a personal journey to find that character's name/voice. Good luck Wink

I look forward to hearing your exploits!
Ankhanu on Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:53 am
How about GuideStar? Starville? Star City?
deanhills on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:23 pm
So with a little help from a friend of mine, who referred me to a list of hobbit/halfling names, I've decided!

Simple-Odo Greenspan

Considering he has like 8 intelligence... simple seems fitting. Greenspan speaks more about his talents as a guide.
TheGremlyn on Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:49 pm

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