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Probationary Assessment

Oh no! My supervisor printed this off for me and we're both supposed to fill out a copy and then meet to discuss it.

This little piece of paper could determine whether I keep working after my contract is up! I know I feel like I've been doing my best and working hard but looking at this paper I feel a bit like a failure and that I'm not up to snuff.

I'm supposed to go through this checklist (about 8 items) and check off if I feel I'm satisfactory or unsatisfactory in each of the areas. These areas include:

> Core Capabilities
> Customer Service Orientation
> Quality and Quantity of Work
> Decision Making and Judgement
> Organizational Ability
> Punctuality/Attendance
> Initiative
> Job Knowledge

For each of these I have to comment to support my rating decision and say why I think I'm satisfactory or unsatisfactory in each area.

Maybe I'm getting a little too worked up but with only two options (I think I'm doing good, or I don't think I'm doing good) how can I really communicate how I think I'm doing? I want to say I'm doing well in all the categories because I think I am but I don't want to come off as overconfident and go into this meeting with my supervisor and find out she feels differently about a few areas.

This is going to be stressful and I'm already too stressed. Last thing I need is to crack during this meeting. I want to know what I can do better but it still hurts to hear that I may not be doing so well.

Must think positive!!!

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I wouldn't worry about them at all. They are standard templates. If you want you could Google them too. I'm sure there will be a Website somewhere that provides more information on it and what answers are expected from a self-assessment. I hope you score yourself high as if I look at the quality of your posts I'd say you probably should ace all of those questions.
deanhills on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:35 am
I agree with Dean. No worries. Standard template. Every company likes to use some form of them for review purposes. Makes the employee evaluate themselves.
I like these questions:
What are your strengths?
Where can you improve?
What are you going to do to makes those improvements?

A year later, you get the same questions again with an added:
Did you make any improvements during the last year? Details?
standready on Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:06 pm
The meeting is set for next Friday but I'm already freaked and my mind is filling with very negative thoughts. Because I work on the Help Desk I interact with a lot of people (email, walkups, calls) so it's a customer service oriented position. I feel like I'm doing better then when I was working an actual call centre but today my supervisor pulls me into a room and gives me a heads up that she's had complaints with regard to my customer service skills!

I thought I was doing pretty good. I mean, I barely remember the upset ones and I've had a lot of happy people who are grateful for my help or that I tried to help them. Suffice it to say I couldn't maintain my composition and I broke down. I knew it would happen, what with all the crap I'm going through, but it really pisses me off that I broke down in-front of her (and she knows this is not a good time too). I want to be better at this job and I want to be able to say "I don't know" without saying that. I mean, the angry people don't really get to me, I don't break down on the desk when I'm dealing with them, I handle it and when it's over I move on to the next and I don't let it get to me.

But hearing my super say that 'you need tough skin' and 'you really need to figure out if this is what you want to do, if this is the right fit for you'. I understand that and maybe it's because I'm having such a rough time right now that I can only interpret that as "you won't have a job with us much longer"...

It really makes me question everything because I don't know where I fit in. I mean, I like helping people and it's hard when I'm not sure of the answer and I don't have anyone to ask. The call centre was so much easier because they had all the answers, you just have to type in a search box and BAM you have your troubleshooting steps for some obscure issue. This job... Some of the issues and the solutions comes through experience working with the University and understanding how the University functions. I've never been to this school, I went to another and they seemed like they had their head screwed on a lot better than this place...

Maybe I just need to calm down and not get so worked up about this. I'm probably making it out to be a bigger deal than it is. I just wish I was as amazing as the other guy who works the Help Desk.
TheGremlyn on Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:42 pm
Why not check with a career counselor. I remember we had some good ones "for free" in Vancouver, BC. We have a wonderful library there with all kinds of career guidance seminars and free courses. The Unemployment Office also has some terrific career counseling sessions consisting of professional tests to check one's suitability for any given profession. If you have any doubts, this is what I would do.
deanhills on Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:57 pm

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