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The Pride

So I brought Mynx to my parents house where my sister is visiting... with her cats... My sister has 6 cats! My poor Mynx! She was hissing at everything and growling and hiding under anything to try and keep an eye on everyone and keep them away from her. At one point I even found her under the couch, but only after wondering why Gus and Thomas were looking at the bottom of the couch so intently.

So the first day was rough but she gets a break cause I barricade us in the living room where I sleep on the couch. She spent most of the night climbing on just about everything! I was worried she was going to break something! So many breakables in high places!

The next day I was informed that Mynx got herself caught in the lacy curtains my parents have over the front window. My dad had to rescue her since her head and arm were stuck. The other cats must have been shaking their heads at her.

Its been a few days but it seems like Mynx and Gus are getting along. They seem to play with each other as they're not that different in age. Gus likes to play and Mynx could use a friend to play with! But no boyfriends! No one will mistreat my little princess! I'll break their legs with they try anything with her!

Something that's changed for Mynx is when she eats. I would normally give her a morning portion of food and leave the bowl down all day and she made that food last through the day. At night I'd giver her her other portion of food. This is how it's been for her since we got her. But now, she has to eat only when the other cats eat. My sister's cats are all freaks. They all have special diets or sorts or medical problems that require extreme care. So no cat can eat another's food or they might get sick. At least at night Mynx can eat whenever she likes because I lock the other cats out of the living room.

Anyways, she's getting used to the rest and I'm getting tired.

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