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My Cat Mynx

I've posted about the cat the ex and I go:

She's adorable and I love her to death. Even when she's being kind of annoying I still love her and she still makes me smile and feel wanted.

Since it's been a long time since I've posted about her I'll try and give you an idea of the things she does.

1) If you have a glass of water you'd better watch out. The next time your turn back to take a drink there may be a kitting head in it stealing your water.

2) She doesn't scale up Christmas trees, she just sleeps under them or she messes up the tree skirt by trying to chase something under it.

3) She used to sleep above my head and each time I flung my arms up above my head I usually heard a weak 'murr' sound from her because I woke her up when I hit her.

4) She talks to you if you talk back. She'll meow and if you meow back or speak normally she'll usually respond. You have to be careful with this one since it will make you look really crazy.

5) She's a bathroom buddy. Whenever I'd go into the bathroom for the sink, the toilet or the shower/bath she usually charges in after me. Sometimes I can get her to sit on my lap and other time she'll be at the edge of the tub looking at the water or something floating in the water (bubbles or a bath ball scrub thing).

6) She has a thing for running water. If you're turning on the tab in the skin or if you're trying to brush your teeth you'll hear her come thumbing into the room. She'll jump up and see the water and try and bat at it. If the tap is on and then you turn it off she'll climb into the sink and try and lick the faucet. Just have to watch your don't spit tooth paste at her while she's there.

7) During the warmer weather we used to have our windows open. There's a window where she can sit and see out into the driveway and the stairs up to the door. When she hears you coming she'll jump into the window and wait for you. When you're close enough she starts to meow at you and paw at the screen.

8 ) In addition to the window thing, you can be sure she'll be at the front door when she hears you coming and she'll greet you with a story.

9) She sometimes watches TV with me. I've a few pictures of her literally staring at the TV while sitting next to me (either in bed or in the living room). Her eyes actually seem to be following something and this usually holds her attention for a few minutes.

10) She likes to walk in front of you while you're on the computer. And she'll sit behind the screen and paw at the mouse while you're trying to use it. She even tries to look over the top of the screen (the shorter one she can look over, the taller one she has to pull herself up a bit to look at you).

That about sums up a few things about Mynx. There will most certainly be more to come!

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Beautiful kitty, with a great psonality.
I miss having a cat around :/
Ankhanu on Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:03 pm
Mynx ..... great name for a kitten. Darn! I wish I could have one of those too. Maybe in a year or two when I move away from here.
deanhills on Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:13 pm
Cute kitty. My schedule does not lend itself to having pets even an independent cat.
standready on Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:09 am

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