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I have it. I know I do. I have time. I have a little time here and some hiding over there. At the same time I feel like I don't have any.

Since I got my job the timing of the shift just throws me off. I mean, I hate mornings so I'm glad I start at noon. But that doesn't leave much time to do anything like playing games or going to the gym. With games I need to be able to just sit myself down and grind at the game for a few hours. With the gym I'd need about an hours and a half. When I come home at about 8:45-9:00PM I don't really want to sit down and game then either. And I'm burnt out from work and I don't really feel like going to the gym.

I mean, technically I could make time to go to the gym in the morning and I could easily catch a bus because the terminal is right behind GoodLife. But... I don't see myself keeping up that kind of routine. I'm going to want to sleep in and I'm going to want to take my time getting ready, checking out Facebook and making my lunch and eating breakfast (I have this weird thing where breakfast can make me feel pretty damn sick).

Ideally I want to ditch GoodLife and switch over to the University gym (since it's new, I'd get a discount and apparently $200 towards the membership or a course I might want to take while I'm working there). In addition, my boyfriend also gets a discount through his work to go to the gym at the University and we could work out together maybe in the evening and we could go home together. Or we could work out together on the weekend too. He's practically my own personal trainer so clearly this is a good idea. And we'd get to spend more time together doing stuff.

AH!! I have to make my lunch now Sad

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Finding time sometimes can be a real challenge, especially when a job takes the middle section of the day. I know a lot of people where the middle shift of the day screws with their lives and it seems like it is all that they do.
pauline123 on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:29 pm

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