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Yesterday was insane!

I'm not sure where my supervisor was and the other help desk guy had to go out to assist with a classroom emergency so I was left at the desk by myself. This might not have been a big deal, I mean it was past the peak time and you would get the odd walk-up and someone might call. This, however, was not the case.

Lets keep in mind that I am new to everything Trent and this is only my second week in the job and the only time I seem to get trained is during the last 2 hours of my shift. First, there's already someone on hold trying to set up their email on their iPhone and they want some help with Outlook. Then a professor walks up with their laptop and they can't connect to the wifi.... and the laptop is in french... I don't speak or read french in any capacity. So unless I wanted to click around randomly to see what came up, all I could do is get them to try a couple times and then try and sync their account the simple way... And that didn't work.

During the whole french laptop thing the emergency line goes off and you can't ignore that. The prof was describing some weird happenings but it sounded like the screensaver or something like that was popping up. In either case it seemed to work well enough for her to continue on with her lesson. Then the emergency line went off again (I've already started panicking by this point), and it's a prof who just can't log on in general.

IT decided it would be a good idea to upgrade the entire system just before classes started... and everything to just crapping out. One of the issues is with win7, people can only seem to log on to some computers, or if they use the older computers they can log on... But if you're a prof and you only have one lectern then you can't just pick up and go to another room. I knew you could, in such dire situations, give out a temp account so they could log in, do their thing and that was that... Well I didn't know how to do this and I only knew of one account... and I kind of sensed I shouldn't do that but I didn't want to get chewed out over the phone cause I'm a noob...

Well I ended up hearing twice about how I shouldn't have given out that account info since someone could do a lot of damage to the network. So I'm still riding that anxiety high because I feel terrible about that and I want to undo it but I can't. My mind just keeps spinning out defenses trying to make me feel better. I mean, I'm new for one thing. I can't take the desk entirely by myself and not screw up or be completely useless to anyone who calls on that emergency line. Not to mention if someone wanted to they could easily break the password for that account. AND you can change passwords if it's that big of a deal.

I at least know better but I'm not looking forward to potentially taking the desk by myself during a peak time today. At least I won't make those stupid mistakes again.

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You sound overworked... we should exchange stories
TheLimey on Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:03 pm

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