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Junior Help Desk Analyst

Yay for my new job!

I get to sit up at the main circulation desk in the library of the University and help students and staff,who walk up to the desk, with their technical problems. I'll also have to answer the Classroom Emergency Phone to help a prof through any issues they're experiencing in the lecture rooms or lab rooms with any of the equipment (projector, document cameras, PCs, and some AV equipment). That will probably go as far as remoting in and trying to get the devices to respond if you can't direct the prof to do it.

Somewhere down the line I'll be taking normal calls where people with technical questions calls in for support. Although the priority list is:
1) Classroom Emergency Phone
2) Staff and Student Walk ups
3) Normal Phone
4) Tickets

That's another thing. People who have a tech issue but it isn't that urgent, they can email us and create a ticket in our system. We haven't really gotten around to these until the last 2 hours of the shift when everything seems to quiet down.

With the beginning of the year at hand and about 6 different upgrades having been implemented just before school started, EVERYONE is having issues logging into their Portal of learning system. At my college it was a given to our class that this was going to happen and the network would be slow. Doesn't seem as obvious to the students at this university... Or maybe it's just that group of people you find anywhere who just can't grasp technology.

The concept of this tech being used and not working doesn't make sense to them. It should always work! And yes, it should, but that's unrealistic. If everything was perfect I wouldn't have this job. I probably would never find a job in tech starting out because it all starts with troubleshooting issues!

Anyways, I've ranted about this long enough. I'm happy I finally have a job and I can start putting money back in my savings because I have OSAP that needs paying off! Yay! And I wanna spoil myself and my boyfriend.

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Congratulations Smile
Hello_World on Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:49 am

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