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Twin Sisters

There is a dream I had where, back in a time where people fought with sword and shield, a woman had given birth to identical twin girls. The first to be born would grow up to be find and gentle and would eventually be married off to strengthen the family. The second born, in a weird twist, would have her face hidden from the eyes of everyone and she would be brought up to protect her sister and defend her should anything happen.

So I see the second sister wearing armour and her face is always covered since she wears a helmet. When she is in lighter armour or casual wear she still covers her face with a mask or lighter helmet. The second sister is very quiet and watchful. The first is very carefree and innocent.

It eventually comes to the time when the first born is to marry. Many suitors come to the family's home and see this daughter and they also notice the anomaly that is the woman in armour always by her side. I'm not sure how but the first sister is out in the late evening by herself (she must have slipped away). One of the men who she had turned away had some evil intentions. But before things could get too far the second sister pulled him away and killed him on the spot.

This incident falls into the past by about a year and the first sister is eventually married. The husband is kind of greedy and she seeks to start a war with another family. He had thought that when he married he could seize control of the sisters military forces. However, she tells him this is not so. She comes with money to help care for his people and fund such expeditions, but it is the captain, the one who is always by her side, that controls the military and he cannot take those from her.

The husband is obviously mad. Then he blatantly says he is going to kill this female captain and her forces will be his. The first sister is appalled by this and on the night when her husband intends to set out and kill her sister, she goes to her first. In the second sisters room the sisters have a late tea where they talk of silly things, like when they were small children and how different they were. While the second sister drinks she feels her body become sluggish. When she asks what the first sister did all she says is sorry.

The first sister takes the seconds armour and pretends to be her. She goes to where her husband had intended to kill her sister. She tries to fight off her attacker but she is killed. Some hours later the second sister awakens, disoriented and only sees that her sister is gone from the room and so is her armour. She runs through the halls and around the grounds until she finds a figure in her armour, on the ground and covered in blood.

She races through the body and yanks off the helmet to see her sisters face, identical to her own. The surviving second sister is saddened and outraged and she struggles to hold the fire steady within her. She whispers to her sister's body that she will avenge her and kill the one responsible. She already knows it is her husband and so she dons her sisters clothing and returns to their home.

The husband welcomes her as if she was his wife since he never saw the face of the captain, he just killed her and left. He speaks of his victory and how he intends to reclaim those forces in the morning. He talks more and asks for wine. He becomes very comfortable and he doesn't feel the danger within the room. The second sister has drawn a blade and proceeds to kill the husband.

Before the husband takes his last breath she reveals herself to be the true captain and that it was his wife, her sister, that he killed. The man dies with this knowledge and then my dream pretty much ends...

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