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After a long few months of job hunting and sometimes painting I finally had an interview and got a job!

Since school finished for me in April I had an interview at SGS Canada and didn't get that job, then I had an interview with Sykes to be a call center agent for Rogers and they mailed me telling me I wasn't qualified for the job. Then there was a large gap where there wasn't much painting for me and I was burning through my savings paying for rent and cell bills and buying food and sometimes treating myself to coffee and the rare fast food.

I'd been applying to so many jobs, I was looking for anything! Then my mom found a job that went up on the Trent website (I had been looking into this site for possible jobs) and found a position for a Junior Help Desk Analyst. So I applied to that one and I wasn't really sure I'd hear from them. My own college wasn't getting back to me about the three jobs I had applied for and I did apply to another job at the university, even though that one may have been a little out of my reach.

I had another job hopefully open for me at Gooflife fitness. I had the phone interview for that one around the time when I had an interview set up at the university. Unfortunately Goodlife didn't not go beyond the phone interview so I was really relying on the job at the university.

I went through the interview, very nervous and feeling like I was just making it through the questions. The next day my phone rings and its the university asking for my references. I email those on the spot and waited... Every time my phone twitched I had a mini heart attack thinking it was them calling and I was sure they would tell me I didn't have the job.

I waited some more and finally the phone rang and it would be the supervisor of the position offering me the position. I was mostly speechless and said it was about time I had some good news that day (since Indigo Chapters had told me they wouldn't be going ahead with my profile). So here I wait to go in for my first day!

The drawback is that I'll be working from 3pm to 11pm while my boyfriend works from 730am to 4pm. At least we'll have the weekends off together, but it's going to be so crazy! The extra income will relieve the financial strain, but there will be new stresses for us. I can't wait until this 12 month contract position becomes permanent position and then I can move my hours so that we'll be able to eat supper together again!

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Congratulations! So what is the job?
standready on Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:48 pm

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