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I dislike extreme heat. I dislike it even more when it's really humid out. I just walked to the pet store and back and I was dying a little inside. Sidewalk was hot to walk on, the sun was hot, the air was hot and thick with moisture. At least there was a breeze to a medium wind every once in a while.

Today isn't as bad as the Tuesday last week. Felt like 44 degrees C at one point. That was crazy! We're on the second floor of a house and we have no AC. I had the windows closed and covered and I vegged out on my bed alllll day with two fans on me. I rotated ice packs and a cold water bottle all day just to get by. Getting up and walking around would make you break out into some serious sweat. I'm so glad I haven't been asked to paint in this heat.

That's another thing. I've had a lot of trouble finding work so I have a friend who has been working with a guy who has his own "Business" (It has a name and everything and he does work... just the financial side is a little sketchy). So I've been brought into that circle and the first time I was planting trees bigger than myself. Same with the second time since we had to finish that job. Then I was helping boss man finish painting a bedroom. First time painting with them, not my first time painting personally, but they stick me on cutting in... on blind faith they wanted me to do that crazy, tedious edging crap... and they don't use tape!! So I had to be super careful!

The next time out I believe it was painting the outside of a brick house. Did that for quite a few days. Then there was this MASSIVE gap where I had no work... A month maybe? More? Then there's the most recent work where I've been painting the inside of a old factory building place (the office rooms actually). There must have been 6 rooms that needed painting. So I did that for just over a week... and then when I get paid... I've been shorted 26 bucks! The reasoning is that boss man didn't get paid what he was supposed to for the job cause the guy we were painting for is a cheap *bleep bleep bleep* so that somehow means I don't get paid for all the stupid painting!?!?!?

The amount we were short on was about 10%. Somehow there's this plan that when we do the second floor boss man will tack on that 10% and hope to get it back. I'm thinking the stupid owner guy is going to short us again and we'd be lucky to get paid for the actual amount due for the second floor.

Anyways, just glad I don't have to paint yet. But I really hope I get a real job before that happens. I'm suck of painting and I'm sick of the lack of organization and consistency of work!

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Heat or any extreme in temperatures I don't like either. Keeping fingers crossed for you to find suitable employment.
deanhills on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:47 pm
Here in the midwest of the US, We have had 36 days above 90 degrees F with 5 days exceeding 100 so far this year! I have 1 small A/C unit that does allow me to cool one bedroom plus the basement is cooler.
With being on the second floor, you should probably have at least one window to let that rising heat escape. Open all windows at night when temperature drops.

Also, best of luck of the job search.
standready on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:30 pm

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