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First He's Sick, Then He Get's Attacked

This was a dream I had a while back when my boyfriend was sick with either a bad cold, a flu or possibly West Nile virus.

As I recall my bf was on the phone with his mom who had gone back home to englad some time ago. She used to be a nurse for a long time and he was talking to her about how sick he was and wondering what he should do and what was going on with him. I was just off listening. Something I didn't realize until now if that we were in a room but there was only myself and my bf, a second of floor and the phone he was holding, maybe a section of wall I was leaning against and the rest was just black. We were surrounded my nothingness.

Anyways, my bf gets off the phone and he goes somewhere. A little while later he comes back in saying his nose is bleeding and his blood is black. I'm shocked out of my mind and I grab the Kleenex he was holding and see that his blood was actually black. I start to say that I'm going to call my mom and get her to drive us to emerg and then everything kind of changes.

When the dream changes I'm kind of staring at where the phone used to be and then I see only grass. I look up so see i'm on a cliff hill thing and I'm looking over a beach and a vast body of water and reaches out to the horizon. The beach is like a cresent that hugs the water and the grassy area nestles against the beach. The low cliff We're on just overlooks everything and there's grassy plains on the left and right of us.

Looking out over the water we can see the sun setting and I pull out my phone to take a picture instead. My bf walks off to the left and down to the beach area. Then, from the left, some wolves/huskies from running out and one of them is kind of big and I'm under the impression that the husky in question used to be my bf's. In real like he did have one for a short time.

I'm a little wary of these dogs as there's almost 6 of them. My bf isn't as concerned and I watch and he starts to run off to the grassy area to the right. One of the dogs hangs back and looks up at me and growls. Usually i'd take this as the dog doesn't like me, but I'm more uneasy and I watch as two of the dogs run right along side my bf, kind of squishing him. The next thing I know they each grab my bf's arms and pull him into a wide stance. The larger of the dogs, the one that used to be his, runs around in front and then jumps up and down where his mouth sinks into my bf's arm, just below the elbow.

I yellow out in horror as the dog rips his arm from him and he sinks to his knees. I start to run down the slope and towards where they are. All I can hear are my bf's screams and I'm just crying and yelling for the dogs to stop, to leave him alone. What's worse is it turned into one of those dreams where you just can't run fast enough. I wasn't quite running on the spot but I felt like I was in very thick glue or something.

When I woke up I was terrified and I ran to find my phone. Looking at the clock I could see I had this dream in about 10 minutes from when my bf actually left for work. When I called him he was still on the drive in and I was just spewing out the details of my dream. He laughed a little but I wanted him home so I could be sure he was okay.

So that about sums up that dream but I was shaky for about 2 to 3 hours afterwards.

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