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Busy Busy

Been keeping pretty busy these past few weeks. Since my boyfriend is playing soccer I've been going to every game and I've taken a lot of pictures but I'm focusing more on videos now. I've made a youtube channel for the team and a facebook group for all the players. I even made a twitter account but I only post when and where the games are and then the end game score.

The videos are pretty crazy. I've got enough camera memory that I can film the entire game but then I have to go through and choose about 10 minutes of good footage (from about 90 minutes of total footage) and smoosh that all together. Its kind of tough when a lot of good stuff happens. All those sections that are 30 seconds long add up.

I have to say I'm behind though. In a 4 day period there were 3 games as one was rescheduled. On top of that I've been working a bit while there is work to be hand. Another thing that slows me down is the heat. With no AC it sucks sitting in front of a computer in a hot and muggy second floor apartment with only a fan to cool you off.

I'm hoping to catch up soon.

Another thing that's come up is baking. I've been enlisted to bake a lot of cookies for my friends who go up to a cottage resort for a month every year. I've been up a few times now and I'm hoping to make some time this year as well. It'll be weird since I've fallen out of touch with some of them but that can be managed. Can't wait to bake tomorrow since the house I'll be at has AC!!!

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If anyone wants to check out the videos you're more than welcome to.

Side note though: some of my music choices have resulted in the videos being blocked primarily in Germany. So if you're in Germany then you're missing out Sad Sorry
TheGremlyn on Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:43 am

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