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Soccer (Football), Heat, Rearranging

It is really hot and I just had to watch my boyfriend play soccer (or Football as he's English) in this heat. Turns out no one brought enough water as we ran out around the 2 water break after half time. I've been taking videos of the games and posting the complete clip of all the footage on YouTube on a channel I made specially for the team. I even made a facebook group for the team so that they could see the pictures I took and get a link to the videos as I post them.

I dislike this heat, it's not a dry heat its a wet heat and its so much worse. Being hot and sticky makes doing anything difficult. The worst is coming from an air conditioned building and step out into a wall of heat and humidity. Suddenly the air sticks to you and its uncomfortable to breath. I don't know how the team plays soccer in this heat, I would die. Doesn't help that I'm not in shape to begin with and I don't know that I'd be any good at soccer any time soon. I don't care how good my kick is Razz

As for rearranging, even those its hot and sticky and my boyfriend just finished his soccer game, I still wanted to move stuff around in the living room and foyer. Everything turned out well and the foyer is more spacious. The futon is closer to the TV and we used the coffee table for all my tea to sit on. (I have a lot of tea). It's unfortunate its so hot and we have no AC, I don't drink as much team anymore and I don't like cold tea...

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I can take the heat. It is the humidity that zaps me. Hot here today but not humid. Still, I just got from swimming at my neighbor's house. nice
standready on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:29 am

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