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Another Day Another Blog

Yup. Back again to talk about something. Not sure what. Could be a lot of things, we'll see where my fingers take me.

I guess one thing that sticks in my mind is my most recent dream, or nightmare. I dream so vividly sometimes it's scary. I feel such strong emotions, like fear and anger and sadness. Not too many of my dreams are happy. Usually I'm being threatened by something or I'm running from something or there's something going on that I soon discovery to be evil or sinister in some way.

My last dream had me going into a bathroom like the one at my college and finding a guy hiding on one of the stalls. Turns out he kind of stalks me there. So I waited some time before going back and I found him sneaking up on me again. I freaked and ran off and vowed never to go back in. Then some months later I got back and he's there again. I can't see his face, it's like he's wearing a mask. He sort of attacks me and I fight him off. I run off somewhere and find my two friends in the water at the end of a dock and they're paddling around in kayaks. One friend is too far to hear me and the other is unsure of what is going on. I wave her closer and I suddenly look back to see the guy standing at the shoreline. I freak out a little and the guy starts that creepy slow walk down the dock. I look at the water and I have to choose between two evils: creepy dark water I can't see below the surface of, or creepy guy stalking me. I decide to jump in the water and swim out to my friends kayak and cling to that. I try to help her paddle out by kicking my feet when the guy jumps in after us. Somehow he can swim real fast and I wake from the dream with him inches from us.

Creepy dream. As for why dark water is evil, I hate deep water. I sort of have a slight fear of water when I can't see what's in it. I hate weeds so jumping on there and not knowing if those weeds will tangle around my feet freaks me out. Also, I tend to think there are bigger fish and snakes in water than there actually is.

I have a ton of dreams and most of them I tend to remember. They don't always make sense but I suppose when they come up I may come here to blog about them.

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