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So Much Pressure!

Well, today is the last day of my final semester. Unfortunately I'm not really done. I still have about a weeks worth of work left to try and seal up this program and get my sponsors to sign off on this thing. Part of it is my fault, I mean there are all these things I want to do to make sure my prof is happy with what I'm doing and I'm trying to make sure my sponsors know they are getting something good.

I've been dealing with a lot of crap from my partner. I swear he must be having some weird love affair with the other two guys in the program. The two in question like to hold it over everyone else that they have the highest marks. I think they are a bunch of jackasses and they're incredibly rude. While talking with one of them he blantently said "why would he do that to his best student". He said that right in front of me, right to me! I like to think I do pretty well. I work my ass off to get where I am. Failure is not an option but I'll choke it down if I have to.

Anyway, my partner basically didn't want to keep working on the project probably cause the other two egg heads weren't coming in any more. I'm very disappointed in him. He's left so much work for me to do and he says I should let him know what I'm doing the user testing and stuff but I'm pretty damn sure I don't want to.

For our final report we have to write our own individual reports and the minimum number of words is 3000. He didn't think he was going to reach that so he was begging our prof to make it less. The prof said that if we can at least make it to 2700 that would be good enough. So his report looks like he barely wrote anything and its full of pictures. Mine if just under 6000 and I'm not done. I do have images and screen shots of code but I talk about them and attempt to explain what is going on. Also, I have to talk about my dealings with our sponsors, which is huge. I'm the team leader and originally I did all the paper work and emails and meetings. I didn't know a lot about all the HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL we used. But as the project developed I was doing more and more of the coding. I was finding all these issues with his work and he didn't seem at all concerned with fixing it, do I had to research our solutions and implement them.

The other day when I went in my partner was badgering me because he didn't have anything left to do. I still wanted the sponsors to have some of their users do a walk through the 3 different sides of the project and fill out a questionnaire. As some of you know you can't just have people do those for the heck of it. I'd have to tabulate the results and draw out some conclusions based on the results. I'd only talk about any significant outcomes, but the point is it has to be done, it has to be part of the report, and its just good practice. Feedback is essential in getting this system working the way they want it to.

I'm just sick of him. It feels like he's holding me back. I have other people in my program telling me that he's been holding me back. That I could have done this project on my own. I didn't have much confidence in myself since it was all this stuff I hadn't done before. But I did learn and maybe I could have done it on my own. But its a team project so I could hog it all. I'm so stubborn and I didn't really want to be team leader, my partner just told me I was.

Arg! So stressful!

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